Civil War 2.0? Not On TechnoTotalitarians Watch

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Good morning, I'm from England on a conference call. Yesterday an Albanian immigrant taxi driver asked me and my friend if it was true that America was heading for civil war after he found out we were Americans. You might say no, but the reality is that we are so polarized that there seems to be no way out of this problem.

Well, here at the conference, I met Professor Nathan Pinkoski, who last year wrote an excellent essay in the Claremont Review of Books on the subject of the Spanish Civil War. Worth revisiting in the light of our current times. From an essay.

The Second Spanish Republic (1931-1939) was one of the fastest democratic failures in European history. In 1931, Spain adopted a liberal, republican and democratic constitution based on broad popular and elite support. A few years later the constitution collapsed and Spain went to war with itself. how it happened Americans are often told moral tales about this era; Fascists destroyed democracy. But the real history of the troubled Spanish Republic is more interesting and meaningful. This shows how democracies die from their own wounds.

Pinkosky bases his essay on Stanley Payne Scholarship, a major history of the Spanish Civil War written in English. Besides:

In The European Civil War, 1905–1949 (2011), Payne explores Spain in the 20th century. The first half of the 20th century was a period of revolutionary civil wars in Europe. Until the 20th century, most civil wars were conflicts between descendants, such as the American Civil War. In the 19th century, a new revolutionary civil war broke out in Europe, defining the concepts of state, society and culture. In these conflicts, revolutionaries and counter-revolutionaries sought to establish completely different regimes. Payne likes to quote Joseph de Maistre. "Counter-revolution is not the opposite of revolution, but counter-revolution." When the revolutionary process began, the old regime ended. Both revolutionaries and counter-revolutionaries seem to be interested in restoring the status quo, in creating a new regime. As Carl Schmitt argued in Ex Captivitate Salus (1950), the determination on both sides to establish a new regime is the cause of the escalation of revolutionary civil wars to unprecedented levels of violence. The goal is to overthrow the entire legal and political system associated with the enemy, which raises the question of the total elimination of the enemy.

It is very important. The Spanish Civil War was not about rivals in the system. It was about the system itself. That's why something is wrong in the US today. The left holds a revolutionary ideology that is completely unacceptable to its rivals and even interprets tolerance for dissent as an unacceptable commitment to evil. The right-wing forces promote extremism and liberalism solely for self-preservation reasons.


Although several parties started the revolution, the main culprits were the Spanish socialists, Payne says. While the Bolsheviks sought to directly undermine the liberal constitutional order, the Social Revolutionaries used this as cover for their plans to overthrow the constitutional order. They don't overthrow the legal system, they exploit it. Center-right and right-wing lawyers have difficulty responding to this tactic. Their failure in Spain was especially serious. In The Decline of the Spanish Republic, 1933-1936 (2005) and The Spanish Civil War (2012), Payne describes Spain's plunge into a brutal three-year war as a result of the courage of the Socialist Left. and the rigidity of the law.

Other socialist movements in Europe began with revolutionary intentions, but as they grew, they softened and respected constitutional and parliamentary rules. Over time, the Spanish socialists became more radical. Spain's most prominent leftist leader, Manuel Azagna (prime minister from 1931 to 1933 and again in 1936), argued that liberalism succeeded because it was willing to negotiate. He considered the republic's constitution a "revolution" and the start of a reform project. Politicians who have nothing to do with constitutionalism and the left are ipso facto illegitimate.

For the Spanish socialists in 1920, the right was a weak force that could not save the monarchy and did not provide any other constitutional basis for the new republic. Then, in the elections of 1933, the seemingly stable left-wing coalition collapsed, and the right unexpectedly won. Of course, history was on their side, but now, believing they needed a strong push to continue, the Left's motivation was, in Payne's phrase, an "internal" desire to stay in power, "one way or another." Purpose of storage

Our modern American left is not classically revolutionary. They use it to effectively undermine the system, starting with the institutions. And when you see the people of the regime today plotting to legitimize populism in all its forms, think of Spain's socialists. Besides:

Secondly, the center and the left pointed out and punished the injustices of the left and introduced revolutionary policies. The Emergence of "Anti-Fascist" Lines in the 1930s Paul Gottfried's Excellent Anti-Fascism. Left. He approved the attack of the Socialist Youth in Spain. The central authorities were unable or unwilling to stop attacks on private property, businesses, churches, monasteries, and clergy. Instead, they made the emperor and the conservatives scapegoats, not victims, real criminals. As the cultural theorist René Girard understands, scapegoating does not break the vicious circle of violence, but, on the contrary, increases it. When revolutionaries try to overthrow a corrupt government and society, they become martyrs. Their sacrifice will be the ransom for the nascent counter-revolution. In Spain, royalists and conservatives have turned the indifference of large sections of society into anger. He turned the conflict into a religious war, allowing murders to go unpunished and unjustly punishing the innocent, creating left-wing martyrs throughout Spain and fomenting a counter-revolution.

Consider the regime's clear response to Floyd's "mostly peaceful" summer protests following the January 6 attacks. This is not to pander to January 6th or downplay its evil. In other words, the two violent incidents were treated very differently by the regime and the media. In addition, a Boston Justice Department attorney issued a statement pledging to defend doctors and hospitals that sexually abuse children. Okay, but think of all the pro-abortion centers in trouble that have been hit hard by the left. Wade says the regime, whether progressive or centre-right, is creating a kind of martyr.

Another quote from Pinkoski.

The third factor in the fall of the republic was the adoption by the center of anti-constitutional actions to save the liberal consensus, which the French political theorist Pierre Mannan called "extremism of the center".

It was reminiscent of a disturbing tweet by former US intelligence general Michael Hayden last week.

From General Hayden's Wikipedia page:

From 1999-2005 he was director of the National Security Agency (NSA). As director of the NSA, oversaw controversial surveillance of technology communications between individuals in the United States and suspected foreign terrorist groups, leading to unauthorized surveillance. NSS case.

So, you know who General Hayden is and what he is willing to do to protect his fellow Americans. This is taken from my book which tells what it is about.

In 2013, disavowed National Security Agency analyst Edward Snowden reported that there was much more espionage by the US federal government than previously thought. In his 2019 permanent entry, Snowden wrote that he had learned

The US government has always built the capacity of law enforcement agencies. At any time, the government can examine a victim's past relationship (and everyone's relationship contains evidence of something). Anytime, forever, any new administration, some future head of the NSA could take over, and as easy as flipping a switch, they would instantly track everyone down on the phone or computer, who they were, where they were. I was, what do you know? . With whom and what did they do before?

Snowden wrote about a 2013 public appearance by CIA Chief Technology Officer Gus Hunt to a less powerful tech group. Exclusively taken from The Huffington Post. “We have access to compute all the human-created data,” Hunt said in his speech. He added that CIA officials want to develop the ability to store and analyze information once it is received.

Understand what it means. Your private digital life belongs to the government and always will be. We currently have laws and procedures in place to prevent the government from using this information about individuals if they are suspected of terrorism, criminal activity, or espionage. But opponents have repeatedly told me that the law is not a reliable defense. if the government decides to kill you, it will create a crime based on the information it collects or spreads to destroy your name.

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I think that's why there's so much talk about the American Civil War. A regime that applies to both public and private institutional actors has the technological power to exclude what it seeks to exclude. As we become a cashless society and the regime has used Covid as an opportunity to push us all towards this goal (remember profits from the "coin shortage"), it will be impossible to buy and sell if your card is electronically disabled. . It's just true.

This morning I was talking about all this with several scientists, and all agreed that soon, when the captive minds of millennials and generation Z gain political dominance, these steps should be taken. Sad opponents. Today, we Americans have created a system that can work against us to stifle our freedoms and a self-serving and progressive medical culture.

what should we do? What can and should we do about this? We better talk, create and connect with each other whenever possible. On the other hand, the gloomy version of "civil war" prevents us from talking seriously about the threat to our freedom from this emerging revolutionary bourgeois regime and how we can realistically deal with it.

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