Gameoff: Indias Gaming Creatorsfocused Platform Launched Its Own Platform

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The video game platform aims to help content creators increase their revenue by offering a 9-10 revenue-sharing model, a model that outperforms most streaming platforms.

New Delhi, 14 September 2022: Gameoff has launched its website for the first time to help the game and content creator community in India to generate more revenue. The platform builds a bridge between the Indian gaming community and is open for everyone to download content and watch popular games from their favorite content creators like Valorant, Call of Duty Mobile, GTA V, Minecraft and Free Fire Max.

According to YouGov, 94% of influencers play the same game as their favorite creator. This designer is also a line that caters to a specific demographic of brands aged 18-34.

Focused on monetization, Gameoff aims to reward content creators who are an integral part of the Indian gaming ecosystem. The platform will soon increase the main source of income for every content creator - advertisements and sponsorship of the platforms they post on.

Gameoff offers a 9-10 revenue-sharing model that is superior to most streaming platforms. Content creators receive 90% of the total revenue and also earn from many other monetization features added to the platform. By being a platform that rewards its players with what they deserve, it hopes to build a thriving community of some of the best content creators in the country as well as future industry enthusiasts.

Founder and CEO Sunny Malhi, who has been developing apps for 5 years, is not new to the gaming industry. Having previously developed apps like Newkit, a news-sharing app, and Trophyapp, where players can share their short gameplay footage with others, he's been ringing the game room for the past two years.

Talking about the importance of the platform, Sunny Malhi said: "In analyzing the entire gaming ecosystem, we feel that content creators are being underestimated in India, their content is being underestimated and we want to solve this problem. We want to open all possible doors for content creators, who have never opened one before. .Unlike other platforms, we are optimized for content creators and have concrete plans to help them increase revenue and bring them closer to fans. The Indian gaming scene is evolving fast and we want to make it happen. Of course, Gameoff is an integral part of this revolution.

The platform is a unique solution for:

1. Interact with the player community

2. Grow as a creator

3. Recognition as a potential gaming professional

4. Monetize and consume downloaded content

5. Connect with your favorite creators by playing games

Among other things, the most unique feature of Gameoff is the possibility that it offers its savvy fans to pay and play the games of their choice with their favorite influencers on the platform. They also value the time viewers spend on the platform and pay them for the content they watch.

Gameoff aims to be the leading video platform for game developers in the country. Their beta, launched in March 2022, registered 24,000 users in just a month and a half, and their website is currently up and running. In addition, Gameoff recruits new content creators, connects with them through their social networks, and signs up to become paid content creators.



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