Its The Season For More IGworthy Content With Vivo X80 Series

It S The Season For More Ig Worthy Content With Vivo X80 Series Manila Standard

When Instagram was launched for iOS users in 2010 and finally for Android users in 2012, it was an app with a simple interface and limited functionality. Many people thought it was just another photo sharing app like Facebook, where you share updates and life moments with your audience, usually friends and family.

After all, Instagram (IG) has become an extension of a person's personality, with well-curated content, carefully chosen aesthetics, color themes and even personalized, often brilliant, text. The audience of the account was not the usual friends and relatives, but more diverse and connected by common interests. Having a powerful smartphone with great camera features may not be a prerequisite for a good IG feed, but imagine the features and capabilities of a well-designed and carefully crafted smartphone.

Find your aesthetic

Does your feed have a long caption with someone's portrait? People in New York, dramatic black and white landscapes and cityscapes, or blurry, abstract photos with the same poetic title? Regardless of your aesthetic preferences, color plays an important role in telling a story and atmosphere that influences and engages other viewers.

The latest addition to Vivo's premium smartphone line, the vivo X80 and its Pro variant feature a 140 color card that sets new color standards and enables richer color tones, even without external editing tools. Developed in collaboration with scientific optics pioneer ZEISS, the Vivid Color Memory System allows phones to achieve balanced hue, saturation and hue every time.

Use more than eight vivo x80 series LUTS styles for your videos to instantly emulate the filter style of a specific movie or script and easily ensure a consistent and predictable style flow. Speaking of portraits, the collaboration with ZEISS lets you choose between 5 bokeh styles to make any portrait look charismatic, cinematic and effortlessly professional.

Show your art!

Art should never be reserved for museums and auction houses. Art is meant to be shared and enjoyed by the public, and social media and other online pages have recently become key means of free access. There is no better phone than the vivo X80 series to make your artistic dreams come true.

Developed in collaboration with ZEISS, a global leader in optoelectronic technology, the vivo X80 and its Pro variant feature ZEISS T * Coating, a multi-layer coating technology that allows the phone's cameras to capture bright images with maximum blue light intensity. . A coating like the ZEISS binoculars protects the optical glass from dust and also suppresses street light dimming or no light source. Powered by ZEISS Natural Color and AI Perception Engine, all nature photos and other panoramic scenes show their true colors as if you were there.

These powerful features are powered by the exclusive Vivo V1+ chip, the phone's imaging and processing chip, 600, developed by Vivo engineers. Say goodbye to grainy, pixelated photos, even without a light source, as the V1+ chip easily eliminates them by automatically adjusting camera settings to produce bright, vibrant photos and videos.

Document your best days

As the holiday season approaches, the night features of the Vivo X80 series have become even more valuable to Pinoys. Capture every detail of Christmas decorations on the street or away from your neighbors with the ultra-sensitive Sony IMX866 sensor on the Vivo X80. This technology uses an RGBW fusion unit that exponentially improves the phone's light sensitivity and ensures that every detail, color richness and nuance is captured, no matter how bright the light.

Document your cousin's or nephew's journey back to school without interrupting the spontaneity of the moment. The Vivo X80 series is equipped with an Active Focused OIS system and an ultra-sensitive 50MP GNV sensor, allowing you to record more stable and sharp videos and turn every captured moment into a cinematic adventure and masterpiece. With these amazing camera features, there is no need to turn off the camera as you can capture the action clearly and precisely. Exciting action and fun activities will not be missed, because the 360º horizontal stabilization of the vivo X80 series can capture all its movements in perfect stability;

The older generation has their albums and we have IR. Make it as memorable as possible and keep posting what makes you happy. There are no hard and fast rules for entertaining and eating.

Find out more about the Vivo X80 series by visiting Vivo's official social media pages, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube channels.

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