JeanMichel Jarre's Odd Techno Shocker And Alice Coltrane Disciple Surya Botofasina's Meditations

Jean Michel Jarre S Odd Techno Shocker And Alice Coltrane Disciple Surya Botofasina S Meditations The Stranger Comments

Jean-Michel Zahr, The Savage (Sony, Germany)

French composer Jean-Michel Jarre's best-known and best-selling works, such as 1976's Oxygen and 1978's Equinox Road Traffic, are full of melodies, lurid tones, and catchy rhythms - such are the sounds of a Hollywood movie. Sit in space. Although these albums were entirely instrumental, they sold millions of copies in the 1970s, perhaps due to the radio success of Kraftwerk's "Autobahn" and the club's growing popularity, leading to a massive adoption of synthesizer music.

Thoughtful and well-produced like Neighbor's finest work, there was always something sweet and chubby about him. "Oxygen (Part V)" is an exception; This trajectory, and especially its second half, really makes the rocket engine roar. 1988's LP Revolution has its weird moments, but overall Jar turns a very familiar big-budget adventure style on its head. Most recently, Amazônia 2021 entered the ethnic audio scene, using jungle sounds to enhance ambient compositions on the big screen.

With most electronic music legends in later life, such as Vangelis (RIP) and Giorgio Moroder, a decline in creative skills is expected. To be honest, this applies to musicians of all stripes. So it comes as a surprise that Jarre's 22 Oxymore album (released October 21st) turned out to be more complex and strange than expected. The release notes state that it is "envisaged as an immersive work in multichannel and 3D binaural versions", which may partly explain the stunning 360-degree nature of the music.

The title track features jagged guitar beats, creepy abstract electronics, and some funky JMJ melodies. It's more like German football in its deepest form than anything Jarre has done in his 50-year career. The tantalizing, bewildering technique of Neon Lips is far stranger than the 74-year-old millionaire composer seems. Like most inconsistencies, including the main track "Savage".

Interestingly, Sony Music thought a track as relentless as "Brutal" would make a strong debut single, but that decision probably speaks volumes for someone as legendary as Caesar. Upstairs, raging Borborygmus synths are recording a steamy technical show that looks like the Swiss electric eccentric has contracted the yellow rave virus and taken some suspicious acids before entering the studio. A tribute to the label and artist for creating this dazzling and thrilling track backed by a platinum icon that has performed in front of millions of viewers around the world. Old Jean-Michel is not safe.

Surya Botofacina, "Surya Meditation (Credit to Swamini Satsang)" (SpiritMuse Records)

A gentle soul with deep meditative abilities, New York keyboardist and songwriter Surya Bottofachina grew up at Sai Anantham Ashram with late jazz and new age legend Alice Coltrane, and it shows. His new album, Everyone's Kids, produced by Carlos Nino (released November 4), lives luxuriously at the crossroads of freer soul jazz and a calmer new era.

His nine songs spanning over 100 minutes are incredibly beautiful. Piano, synth chords, vibes, beats, sounds and devotional chants (Mia Doi Tod, Radha Botofazina and Swamini Satsanga) dominate the sound field, lovingly placing every detail for maximum tranquility.

As someone who has been actively looking for relaxing music in its various forms for several years now, I find a model that is especially relaxing for every child. Words like this are always needed to help achieve what feels like reasoning, but in 2022, that need is more urgent than ever. The serenity of the album is exactly what the teacher asked for. Children all over the world are dealing with a ubiquitous culture of instant gratification, short attention spans and endless scrolling that poisons modern life. While Bottofascina, who also stars in the films Boardwalk Empire and Vinyl, encourages you to close your eyes, sit in a comfortable position, and open your ears and heart as much as possible, his crystal hair is best left on to assuage your fears. .

This 10-minute sample of "Surya Meditation" (the other version of the album is nearly three times as long) comes with lavish packages of Swamini Satsang, "Meditating Every Day", while the grounded resonating drone and beautiful vibraphone pattern keep your chakra going. , In perfect harmony. At some point, Satsang exclaimed, "The world is becoming blessed!" And while it's nice to think about it, a quick scan of Google News belies that optimism. However, Surya creates a convincing illusion that all is well, at least when his music passes through your senses.


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