Minecraft And The Purge Are Together At Last

Minecraft Everything You Didn T Know About The Curse Of Vanishing

Minecraft and The Purge are separate for many reasons. While Primo Sandbox certainly offers a lot of freedom, it's still primarily a kid's game, so Purge doesn't exactly fit the bill. The internet cannot be controlled and so someone made a video that combines these two things.

We're not specifically saying that you shouldn't recreate the clearing in Minecraft. Everyone has their own unique way of enjoying the game, like the person who almost completed an entire Minecraft map in five years or the person who recreated MS Paint with Redstone. Someone even built a Nintendo Wii-inspired PC that can run Minecraft in beautiful 4K. This is a game that offers something for everyone. While it's tons of fun, it's still one of the weirdest videos we've seen.

Forge Labs, creators of many of the weirdest long-term challenges in gaming, brought together a bunch of Minecraft players to spend a week building beautiful houses and living their best life in Minecraft. After the end of this week, the Purge Rules come into effect, meaning that anyone is free to do whatever they want, but most importantly commit crimes.

Her latest video is just over two hours long, so it's kind of a commitment, but it falls somewhere in between being incredibly compelling, deeply disturbing, and a very honest look at how people react when things go wrong.

One of the nicest additions to this entire rulebook was that if a player died before the purge began, they would permanently lose a heart. This meant that even if players had to research to upgrade their equipment, it would still be expensive since it was harmful to die. It's an incredibly fun watch, and we recommend putting it back when you're busy with your work — and maybe you're so frustrated with work that you're feeling a little run down.

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