Redmi Battery Explosion Allegedly Kills NCR Woman, Xiaomi Probing Incident


After a YouTube user claimed on social media that his aunt almost died after her Redmi 6A exploded next to her bed while she was sleeping, the company said it was investigating the incident.

A YouTuber who goes by the name MD Talk Whitey took a picture of his mobile phone exploding and his aunt lying on a bed in a pool of blood, claiming that a battery explosion allegedly killed his relative in the Delhi-NCR region. . .

"Last night my aunt was found dead, she is using a Redmi 6A, she was sleeping and the phone was placed on the pillow next to her face and after some time the phone exploded, help," he wrote. The tweets

Xiaomi responded on Twitter, saying the company is working to contact the affected families and investigate the situation.

“At Xiaomi India, customer safety is very important and we take it very seriously. Our team is trying to contact the affected families and find out the cause of the incident."

A YouTuber from Haryana has revealed that the victim's son is serving in the Indian Army and the family lives a very simple life.

"The family is very simple, the boy is in the Indian army, they don't know much, he only makes calls on the phone and watches YouTube. Now if the brand doesn't accept their mistake, don't accept it. That: Any liability. What's the point if the family has to fight for justice,” YouTube wrote.

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