Techno And Chill A Web3 Music Marketplace Where Fans Meet Their Favorite Artists

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Los Angeles, California, USA - (NewMediaWire) - September 11, 2022 - (King NewsWire) - As a safe bubble for artists and fans, TAC is creating the Web3 ecosystem. The Techno and Chill NFT collection contains 1777 Avatar-type 3D NFTs.

The modern TAC market model.

Techno and Chill is an NFT project with the idea of ​​starting a safe bubble where fans and artists can come together. The project begins by launching a collection of NFTs consisting of 1777 3D Avatar-style NFTs, each with unique characteristics and personalities. They are generated algorithmically on the Ethereum blockchain. The multi-phase project aims to create a Web3 music marketplace where artists can connect with more options and a wider audience. Join their community on Discord Invite.

Techno and chill provide a common ground for many struggling music artists who are often overlooked due to the attention of some of the biggest names in the industry. Bridging the gap between great artists and the equally talented but underprivileged, the platform will create an ecosystem where artists are empowered and free to experiment as they wish, giving them more room to test their skills. it is exploited only in the hands of the major record companies. In addition, the project offers artists an alternative to centralized streaming platforms to generate significant income.

The developers of the project are energetic young blockchain people who believe in a decentralized financial system that aims to create passive income opportunities for everyone. They went one step further by innovating as an income assurance platform. They shared:

As music fans, we learned the mechanics of the industry and the hard truth that very few reach the masses, let alone remain relevant. Blockchain has opened up a place where artists and music lovers can connect in person. The traditional 6-tier model has been replaced by the more modern TAC Web3 Marketplace model, where our marketplace is the only intermediary between artists and music fans. We believe and hope that TAC NFT will redefine how creators and musicians engage, reward and connect with their communities and supporters. So far, we've been blown away by the amount of love we've received on our social media handles in such a short amount of time.

The story continues

The Techno and chill project rewards artists for 250 loyal fans who support the journey on the platform. A rapid win and expansion strategy allows the project to grow and build a stronger community. NFT holders have the following exclusive benefits: B. Participation in the DAO by receiving 10% of market revenue and participating in the decision-making process through a voting system. The DAO system ensures that the project is community-based, meaning that the community has no central authority for the community. The scheme gives autonomy to the developers without worrying about the transparency and credibility of the project. Smart contracts define ground rules, enforce agreed-upon decisions, and are open to public scrutiny of suggestions, votes, and even the code itself.

Members of the democratic techno and chill ecosystem are governed by those who decide what is best for them. Adding further precedent to this unprecedented NFT project, holders will have early access to discounted music, TAC tokens, and tickets to free and discounted events.

Techno and Chill Metaverse is expected to release in the first half of 2023. Check out the first preview of Techno And Chill In The Metaverse. Owners can view their NFTs on

For more details and information, visit their website and join their thread to stay updated.

About cold techno and NFTs

Techno and Chill is a multi-phase NFT project that aims to create a Web3 ecosystem where artists connect directly with fans. This blockchain model has replaced the traditional model, opening up opportunities for a select few, while many others struggle to make their mark. NFT holders will be part of the DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization of the techno and cold platform, where everything is managed by the community without any central authority.

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Contact person : Sam Zaher

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City : Los Angeles

State : California

Country : United States of America

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