Techno And Chill A Web3 Music Marketplace Where Fans Meet Their Favorite Artists

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA - (NewMediaWire) - September 11, 2022 - (King NewsWire) - As a safe bubble for artists and fans, TAC is building the Web3 ecosystem. The Techno and Chill NFT Collection contains 1777 3D Avatar-style NFTs.

Modern TAC market model.

Techno and Chill is an NFT project whose main idea is to provide a safe bubble for fans and artists. The project started with the launch of an NFT pack of 1,777 avatar-style 3D NFTs, each with their own unique features and personality traits. It is algorithmically generated on the Ethereum blockchain. The multi-phase project aims to create a Web3 music marketplace where artists will have more opportunities and an audience to communicate with. Join their community on Discord Invites!

Techno and chill provide a middle ground for many struggling and often overlooked music artists, with some of the industry's biggest names taking center stage. The platform will create an ecosystem between great artists and those who have the same talent but lack opportunities, where artists have the right and freedom to experiment if they want to give them more space to prove their skills without being exploited. the hands of record companies that only respond to public demand. In addition, the project offers artists an alternative to centralized streaming platforms to generate significant income.

The project developers are young, active blockchain enthusiasts who believe in a decentralized financial system that aims to create passive income opportunities for everyone. They went further by building it as a platform with guaranteed profits. They split up.

As regular music fans, we studied the workings of the industry and learned the harsh truth about how few people reach the masses and even fewer stay relevant over time. Blockchain has opened up a space for personal communication between artists and music fans. The usual traditional 6-tier model has been replaced by the more modern TAC Web3 Marketplace model, where our marketplace is the only intermediary between artists and music fans. We believe and hope that TAC NFT will redefine the way creators and musicians engage, reward and interact with their communities and fans. So far, we've been overwhelmed by the love we've received on our social media accounts in such a short amount of time.

Techno and Chill Project rewards artists for having more than 250 loyal fans who support their journey on the platform. The rapid profit and expansion strategy allows the company to grow and build a strong community. NFT holders receive exclusive privileges, e.g. B. Earn 10% of the market profit and become part of the DAO by participating in the decision-making process through the voting system. The DAO system ensures that the program is community-driven, meaning that it is managed by the community by the community without a central authority. The system gives the owners independence without worrying about the transparency and reliability of the project. Smart contracts establish ground rules, enforce agreed-upon decisions, and proposals, votes, and even code are open to public scrutiny at any time.

A tech and cool democratic ecosystem run by members who decide what's best for them. In addition to the already highly anticipated never-before-seen NFT project, owners will also receive early access to music releases, a TAC preview, and free and discounted tickets to the event.

The Techno and Chill Metaverse is expected to launch in the first half of 2023. Check out our first look at Techno And Chill Into The Metaverse. Holders can view their NFTs on

For more details and information, visit their website and join their controversy to stay informed.

About techno and cool NFTs

Techno and Chill is a multi-phase NFT project that aims to create a Web3 ecosystem where artists interact directly with their fans. This blockchain model has replaced the traditional model that opened up opportunities for a select few while many struggled to make a name for themselves. NFT holders become part of the DAO, a decentralized, independent technology organization and cold platform where everything is run by the community without a central authority.

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