The Minecraft Vanilla Cape Is A Weird Mystery

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Minecraft Vanilla Cape brings joy to players. Minecraft has a lot of cool capes. You know the sandbox is probably one of the game item locations that most people don't pay much attention to, but it's there if you want it to be. Some of these are for doing things like transferring your Mojang account or attending events, but the next requires you to do something.

Minecraft Vanilla Cap is an incredibly well-known secret these days. Indeed, an article about the cap was uploaded to the official Minecraft website earlier this week, but it was deleted a few hours later. This is a very unusual situation and there is no reason for it.

Phoenix SC posted video of the entire offense and made a fake cap if you want to see it in action. The short version of the story is that Mojang posted the link we just linked to, but it returned a 404 not found error and then deleted it. On June 6, 2022, players who purchased the Bedrock and Java versions of Minecraft will receive a beautiful vanilla cape.

However, a few hours later, the page was taken down and is now only visible on the Wayback Machine, which is very strange. The article does not represent anything special in this area, and it is not explained in advance. We don't know why it was removed, but it sure is. According to the wiki, the cap is also known on the minecraft disk server, so why was the post removed?

In less mysterious news, Minecraft: Redstone is very radioactive, and we've got a list of all the cool Minecraft mobs you might like.

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