There's A Dirt Cheap Smartwatch Powering This Adorably Useless Tiny Desktop PC


Modern smartwatches may rival the giant desktop PCs of yesteryear in terms of processing power, but counting how many steps you've taken feels like a waste of horsepower. Why not turn a smart wearable device into a complete immersive computer ? Looks like it was hacked from a BlackBerry with the same tiny keyboard ?

The LilyGo T-Watch Keyboard C3 Kit promises and looks great, so don't be intimidated by what you can do with this setup. This small computer is based on LilyGo TTGO T-Watch 2020 V3 ESP32 . And it's done. The $35 price tag tells you what it's capable of. It's nothing more than a dual core 240MHz ESP32 MCU driving a 1.54" LCD touchscreen with a 3-axis accelerometer that powers the basic fitness tracker. It's available like any wearable and is really aimed at computer geeks and hackers who are looking for a fully customizable smartwatch. such as Devices with a complex user interface and the ability to connect a smartphone out of the box. .

For those who want to turn their watch into a mini PC (it sounds like a nightmare to dial ), You can buy a small keyboard accessory for $19 that includes an additional sound module with microphone and speakers. Alternatively you can. Get it with the watch for $55. very strange It has no audio beats. You also need to buy keyboard accessories Without package To achieve this, defeats any goal .

What can be done outside the box? A little. According to the CNX Software blog , Liligo provides sample Arduino code for the Keyboard Accessory on GitHub , but it is sorely lacking for those who want to install it. Use this kit to check what works and what doesn't. Can he run Doom ? Yes , and this is probably the best use of this keyboard, because playing Doom with LilyGo TTGO T-Watch on the built-in gyroscope to control the game is not very fun.

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