“All The Fun Elements”: Tañs Energising, Nonlinear Sets Are Tearing Up Raves

“All The Fun Elements”: Tañs Energising, Nonlinear Sets Are Tearing Up Raves

I've been trying to figure out how your style has evolved over time, but you don't seem to go straight to anything, you always come back and play garage, combo, electro, acid and trance styles. . Do you see yourself moving towards something or just feeling it?

Not too much. I just play in a different style. Now I play more techno and such. I really enjoy European shows and this sound helps to get more out of it. I don't really have a plan for where I want to be in five years, I just take every weekend for what it is.

Regarding your interest in trance, is there anyone you've seen going into a trance that interests you?

I thought Adam Pits was playing some kind of weird trance and I also found the production disgusting. I like to listen to old stuff that came out in the 90s because it's a bit nostalgic, I love the feeling of listening to it. But from the point of view of those who are often in a trance, this is what I see: A for Alpha, we played together in Bristol not too long ago, Narciss, Angel D'lite, LUXE and Rat Party, they are a great party /band I'm a regular in Leeds with a huge community behind them and that's a big part of why parties like Subdub and Love Muscle are so special to me. On the set of HÖR you usually listen to a lot of trances and my partner also listens to them a lot.

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I guess by working for the German agency Suo Motu Bookings and also being part of this network, you have gained a stronger European presence. And then the Berghain set, how was it and how?

I thought they had Partiboi69 and passed it on. It happened, I was surprised! This is very funny. It was one of those sets that sounded the way I wanted it to. I played for three hours, so it was good to play a bit more because a lot of the shows you play in England are like an hour long and I feel like they're not. it is not enough to put it in the slot. If you have more time to play, you can go further. DJ Spit was playing in front of me and he was playing a lot of Speedgarage so I started with Speedgarage, Trance, some Electro and then more Acid Techno to finish. I think I really ended up on the donk track, I just had to do it before Partiboi69 started.

You just mentioned some components of trance nostalgia; I reflect on the timeless relevance of iconography and warm references. If you do more vintage stuff, play hardcore and all that, do you resonate with that?

Definitely yes. I love all the hardcore break dates that people are playing nowadays. Even at high speeds, the garage reminds me of my childhood. So it's great to get feedback. I actually have a book with all this old hardcore art, all the posters that I bought because I thought it would be cool to flip through and see it all, I guess you don't see it often anymore. I also like art made for the night, like the old hardcore aesthetic. Like a person who takes out a cassette and no one has a tape recorder; I have some tapes that I can't use. I love memories, I love that.

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I wonder if you're even in production.

I think my goal for next year is to study it. Actually, I went a bit too far in blocking. I did a very good Rhythm Sister production workshop. It takes a few weeks and they have sessions with live Ableton tutors, but they also have a guest producer who has sessions every other week. So there are people like CCL, Yazzus. I hope to play more with him next year.

Do you have a song you want to do?

Everyone I've talked to has told me, just start mashupping and editing, it's pretty easy, and then you can figure out where you want to go next. I want to build a garage; I thought it would be so much fun. As for the people I really admire as a producer, I think Anz is extraordinary. Your gender range is what I'm really looking for. I really enjoy putting vocals on other tracks and love seeing someone like VTSS do it, it's great.

Can you tell me how you recorded this mix together, what melody you would like to add to it and what you intend to do/show with it?

For the mix I want to show a bit of taste in the various styles of music that I like. English vocals, soft trance, loud electro and techno. I'd say it's pretty representative of my mix or set progress, which is usually the case. I had to get one of the Chromies International releases because they're such a successful label, so I was really excited to play "Neva Been" by Frenquency. "Sounds from the House of Dread" [Dreadzone] is an album I've wanted to play for a long time. There's all the fun elements: acid, trance, Ravey Warehouse vibes. I'm not a big fan of recordings, so the ones I listen to are good and cheap.

One song that will stand out for me is the Adam Pits remix. He is a very talented friend and producer/DJ, and seeing the Space Cadets (Adam Pits & Lisene) at their Secret Garden Party was the highlight of the summer. Another Casper Hastings song takes me back to a time when I was playing more electronic music, so it's nice to go back to some old playlists.

It's hard for me to customize everything I want. An hour went by so fast! I think two to four hours is my favorite because it gives you a chance to explore some of the sounds and deflect the energy in a way that's not just linear. I feel like I've missed out on so many songs that will come to mind once the mix is ​​done, but there will always be more opportunities to play them. It's certainly not perfect, but it's fun nonetheless!

Fraser Daduh is a freelance writer.

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