ARC Music Festival Is A House And Techno Celebration Fit For Chicago

ARC Music Festival Is A House And Techno Celebration Fit For Chicago

Ron Carroll described the obstacles early house artists faced in trying to get radio in their cities, saying that radio stations and the general public "viewed house as an inferior form of music". You have to remember that music is driven by one's interests and ego. So house music was considered a failure, a funny sound - at that time they didn't want it on the radio because they thought it was bad, they thought it would make people angry. They thought of everything, so this country has never been closed there. While in Europe you didn't just see people worshiping, you played in bottle clubs, regular clubs. Growing up, I had to find him.

Detroit techno emerged at the turn of the millennium, so why did it take so long for Chicago house to reach the important (but perhaps fundamental) milestone of hosting an event like the ARC, which seeks to empower house musicians around the world. competitive atmosphere of the festival? Among the longstanding systemic hurdles in the American music industry, especially for black artists, including the struggle for wide reach and legitimacy of radio shows in the 80s and 90s, Chip E offers an analogy for all of this house's innovations. proposed. the world itself can be considered the birthplace of the genre.

“I always tell people about Miss Fields cookies. If Mrs. Fields were your mom, people would say, "Oh, your mom makes great cookies," but the people who buy these cookies say, "These are the best cookies in the world." But you, like a child of Mrs. Fields, say, “It's just a cookie. He makes sweets on Sundays. This is not serious."

When you visit the ARC, you will discover the different qualities of the music and culture that surrounds it, along with the festivals that were born here: a spirit, a sound and a message that spread around the world and then were reimagined, skipped and sampled. . , echo throughout the city in this event. The truth is, now that house music has taken audiences around the world so much and taken so many of them in so many new directions, there's still a bit of Chicago everywhere. No matter how far the sounds have deviated from the 909's inherent rock patterns and soulful, soulful vocals, when listening to house music in any form, the public pays homage to what has arrived in Chicago, whether they realize it or not. . Many ARC-funded Chicago DJs regularly throw their own Chicago parties, oblivious to the elusive mainstream tide that is sweeping across the genre and throughout the city.

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