Dream Collabs With Technoblades Father To Raise Cancer Awareness In YouTubers Legacy

Dream Collabs With Technoblades Father To Raise Cancer Awareness In YouTubers Legacy

Minecraft Dream creator went live with Technoblade's father in a video sharing the late YouTuber's personal story to raise cancer awareness.

On June 30, it was announced that Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade had passed away after a battle with cancer. The 23-year-old YouTube star revealed her diagnosis to fans in 2021 before retiring from content creation to undergo chemotherapy for the disease.

Following his death, Technoblade subscribers as well as family, friends and the YouTube community came together to donate and support the Sarcoma Foundation and other cancer research institutes in his honor.

In his first live stream since Dream's unveiling to raise awareness - uploaded on October 18 - the father of Technoblade pays tribute to the late YouTuber in a video and encourages viewers and community members to donate to the Sarcoma Foundation.

The foundation is a nonprofit organization that helps improve early detection of sarcomas and related tumors, as well as treatment options, outcomes, and overall quality of life for those diagnosed.

Early in the show, Dream talks about how Technoblade is working with his father to raise awareness for the cause and encourage people to donate.

"Ever since Techno's gone, we've been talking and talking about how to do our best and raise as much money as possible." "Cancer doesn't make as much money as you think," Mara adds later in the video.

Technoblade's father later spoke about his sad journey and publicly explained how the last week of Technoblade's life went.

"The heart wants to be the only thing that happens, and I can handle that. I've been there his whole life... The last week of his life was very painful. I don't want the last week of his life to be something that sticks in my head." However, the father explained that he wanted his son's audience to remember "the whole man."

The two then share stories about the Technoblade, with Dream explaining how he went from "rival" and "powerful" to friendship and his eventual relationship with the Technoblade. Explain how their dynamic began to change when the top two "worked together" at the Minecraft Championship.

Techno's dad shares stories from when his son was a kid and remembers teasing his son about how serious he was about video games when he first started broadcasting. As if the power went out and Techno lost his progress in the game, his son corrected Techno and said "the whole game is ruined" and his son called the lost progress "work".

His father later revealed that while Techno didn't have any specific plans before his death, he did want to show his face "at some point."

“That was what he was thinking. He never managed to get the trick or the hook to work. ​​​​​​​Even though he could have died before Dream's face was revealed, the creators were so touched by the way they talked about it that he felt like he was a part of everything."

Rounding out the hour-long video, Dream and Techno Dad talks about what Technoblade viewers and the general public can do to support cancer research and raise awareness. "Most people know someone who has had cancer," Dream says. "If you can't donate, try to raise awareness, spread the word."

The Technoblade father added: "I know Techno has a lot of fans and seems to mean a lot to people...I'm proud of him, humbled and grateful." He concluded by thanking those who supported the Sarcoma Foundation. donated and supported, explaining that those who worked there had "never seen anything like it," while also explaining how the Technoblade community had rallied around him.

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