Funtouch OS 13 Is Here: What To Know About Vivo's New Android 13 Skin

Funtouch OS 13 Is Here: What To Know About Vivo's New Android 13 Skin
Vivo Funtouch OS 13 on X80 Pro

Hadlee Simons/Android Authorities

Funtouch OS has traditionally been Vivo's weakest link, but the company has been upgrading its Android skins in recent years with more of a look and feel.

Now Vivo has announced the arrival of the stable Funtouch OS 13 based on Android 13. So how does it compare to the previous version of Android skins?

Features of Funtouch OS 13

For starters, the company says, you can expect more customization options, such as: Hardware The ability to change the color scheme based on your system wallpaper and the system icon color Application Depends on the background.

You can also expect privacy-focused features such as: B. Improved app pinning, ability to hide photos/videos, and Android 13's ability to only allow apps to access certain photos.

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Vivo has also modified the iManager system manager and offers a "cool down" tool to close demanding apps with a simple tap. You also get a map of the air quality index on the dashboard.

The new update also brings an improved video editor that lets you mute videos or adjust volume for specific track segments. Finally, the company says you can also expect accessibility improvements, including color correction/inversion and animation removal.

Funtouch OS 13: Supported Devices and Availability

Vivo X80 Pro back with logo

Hadlee Simons/Android Authorities

According to Vivo, the stable Fun Touch OS 13 rolled out for the Vivo X80 Pro on October 24, and we can confirm that we have indeed received the update. Unfortunately for everyone else, the company just says that the update will come to other devices "gradually" without mentioning a specific device or release window.

As such, Vivo's beta roadmap gives us some sort of rough guide. The roadmap shows that the Android 13 beta will be available for the X80, X70 Pro Plus, X70 Pro, X60 series, V25 Pro, V23 series, T1 family, and other devices by the end of the year. So, it is safe to say that this phone will receive the stable update in Q1 2023.

Update to Android 13 stable version and Funtouch OS 13? live | IQOO

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