Live Review: XXL At Warehouse House Project

Live Review: XXL At Warehouse House Project

XXL has returned to Warehouse Project (WHP) with a lineup packed with the biggest names in techno. Organized by Manchester-based promoter Teletech , the event sold out within months as enthusiastic fans bought tickets for the giant series. Lead band Amelie's Lens certainly got a lot of attention, but it was The Archive's smaller, more intimate venue that had some memorable acts that night.

The warehouse project never ceases to amaze me with how many people are interested. People from all over the world flock to Mayfield Depot for a night of hedonistic dancing. My friend traveled 5 hours by bus from Cardiff and 5 hours back in the middle of the night. I could easily guess which part of the trip the bus driver likes, but it speaks to how far people are willing to go to participate in one of the best clubbing events in the world.

Every raver sub-genre is featured and every outfit is as cool as the next. From techno-ready with oversized eyeliner and Doc Martens buttons to Nike techno wearers in every color of the Air Max 95 (110), the room is part of the techno scene.

I spoke to a woman in her 50s who was with her teenage daughter, and there was joy in her voice that she was really enjoying herself. That's what makes WHP so special, its ability to bring everyone, regardless of their differences, together under one roof for a night of total escape.

When I got to the main room I caught the end of the AndD set , which really set the tone for the whole night and got my feet moving and scratching. It's very hard to follow and Marcel Dettmann and Helena Hauf struggle to restore the energy lost at the climax of the AndD set, but I appreciate the band's subtlety that doesn't rely on hard hitting and strong bass lines don't depend. , giving it a more refined techno look.

From there the shortcut through the crowds to Richie Hawtin was very difficult; The room was packed towards the back and there was barely any room to get out, suggesting that Hotini was better served by a bigger stage. He had no plans to return to Depot Mayfield this year, but when he did, he definitely had to be on the Depot stage.

One of the best things about shows like XXL and WHP is falling in love with a new artist you didn't even know before the event. In this case, misreading the allotted time led me to the Archives, where I thought I'd take a look at Brutalismus 3000 , but instead found Clara Kuve .

Kew is a constant on the Berlin techno scene, performing hits that touch all the senses for an hour and a half. Beautiful visuals, melody after melody, not a single song is missed. Each point was accompanied by screams of irresistible joy from the crowd. The mentality that everyone dies after an hour of crashing. the panting set was an absolute whirlwind and probably the best of the night.

If that wasn't enough, Cuvé was followed by the act I was most unsure of before the event, Brutalismus 3000. Originally from Slovakia, now based in Berlin, B3000 consisted of Theo Zeitner on decks and live vocal performances by Victoria Vasilika Daldat . To describe Brutalismus 3000 as just a techno act would do them justice. They are not like any other techno band in the world.

They describe themselves on their Instagram as "post techno punk nu gabber" and that's their thing, but it's a style that needs to be experienced to fully understand. From their most famous song "Satan Was a Baby Boomer" to Underworld 's "Born Slippy" to The Sugababes remix of "Push the button" , it's all weird, weird, but very, very weird. The scene was dark and unpleasant. The crowd was blown away by the first song and the full Archive.

When Brutalismus returns to WHP, I can almost guarantee that they will be on one of the biggest stages, if not as headliners. Over the past year, their performances have propelled them further and further into the ranks of the techno world, and it's not hard to see why. Their 2021 template collection from London Possession has over 2.3 million views on YouTube and is by far one of the most unique collections I've seen in recent years.

Now it's time for Amelie Lance. I've never seen Lance in person, but I've seen on social media that his energy is contagious. In the middle of the barn, I could see him dancing nonstop and ruffling his hair. The music moved and the crowd excitedly danced and stomped with Lance. The song selection never wavered and the first 3 songs in particular made my hair stand on end. The first 20 minutes told everyone present that something special was waiting for them.

Unfortunately, Lance had a minor technical issue at the end of the set, which he later described on his Instagram as an issue with another artist's mixer on stage, but that didn't detract from an incredible 90 minutes. Best Belgian energetic techno.

With three months remaining in this year's WHP, it's hard to imagine this roster winning. From top to bottom, the XXL line is folded. Teletech should be congratulated for putting together one of the best lineups at this year's major festival and I can't wait for next year.

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