Malicious Android And IOS Apps Stealing Facebook Data: Check Full List Here

Malicious Android And IOS Apps Stealing Facebook Data: Check Full List Here

The name of the iOS app

Optimizing FB ads

Administrator notice

Advertising analysis

Optimizing FB ads

Analysis of FB

FB Ads Community

Optimize AI ads

Very economist

FB Business Support

Advertising on Facebook

Meta optimizer

Business Manager Pages

Advertising Manager

Meta Ads Manager

Promotional meta optimization

FB Page Manager

Commercial advertisements

Meta business

Business department manager

FB advertising costs

Business Promotional Suite

Business promotion time

Ads and sites

Business collection

Business and advertising

Overview of the general manager

Business package ads

Page editor manager

Meta business support

Site manager package

Meta business pages

Business package ads

Knowledge in economics

Sitegroup Manager

Site manager package

Commercial promotion advertisements

Site manager package

Facilitating the collection of business

Business Manager Suite

Business package manager

Advertising Manager

Promotional packages for companies

Business Manager Pages

Administrator notice

Ad Manager Package

Business Manager Pages

Promotional and business packages

The name of the Android application

Apex racing game

Dialer screen on paper

Video conversion assistant

Acetone cartoon photo

PIP photo frames collage maker

Zodiac horoscope - seekers of happiness

Assistant Advertising Manager

Promotional meta optimization

Social Ads Manager

Agent John first-person shooter

Page unlocked

Best funny camera

Facts about psychology

Cool photo editor

Cool filter editor

Advertisements and pg

Ads site manager

Master of the stars

AppLock - App lock and privacy

Smooth image editor

Document camera

Cartoon picture maker

Photo item no

Cartoon editor Ashtun

Perfect Photo Effects | A working photo animator

Bomb Master 3D

MP3 downloader

Beauty camera

Beauty Camera Plus

Photo editor

Beauty Makeup Camera

Art puzzle 2021

Cookie Coco Cam

Blue shooting game

Blurry photo

Bluetooth shooting game

Ranger clash game

Bamboo VPN

Camera with lip stickers

Cartoon Labs

Corporate planning management

Classic filter camera

PIP Camera 2022

Candle VPN

Perfect puzzles

Photo editor PIP collage maker

ToonPrisma - 3D photo effect

HD video player with music


YouToon - AI cartoon effect

Play photo editor and collage.

Photo filters

Color test

PIP camera photo

Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools

Creating a face editor

Photo Video Editor: Lush Editor

Part of the crown

Photo Pro 2021

Ad Manager Plus

PIP Gallery Creator

Control panel page

Photoquipo cartoon effect

Flying fish wallpaper

Camera decoration

Creative mold

Beautiful view

Deep live wallpaper, HD

Video Launcher - Pro Video Pro

Coco Collage PIP

Attractive clothes

3. Patti King - Indian Rummy

Face image

QR barcode scanning

Atech Sparkle Photo Editor 2022

Enjoy the photo editor

Object object photo effect editor

Artistic picture puzzle

Cartoon face editor

Savetoon Art - Cartoon face

Photo art on Facetoon

Fast VPN Proxy

Facilitation of advertising

Administrator notice

Pica Artoon face editor

Photo layout editor

Instapic: Photo Editor Pro, Collage Maker

Form photo editor

Share photo editing

Fast VPN Tunnel

Mold - Male photo editor

FlyFish speed

Static keyboard fonts

PIP editor photo frame

Flash Scanner QR Code

Lose the VPN

Free VPN Master

Super Club VPN

Tuber VPN - Free and Secure VPN Proxy

Fast VPN Tunnel

Photo puzzle 2021

Single hero racing

Share photo editing

Photo art

Art filters: to paint a picture

Game accelerator

Vinto Cam

Control your feelings

Ghost VPN proxy

Photo of the train

Anime pictures

Image collage photo editor

Train Photo Frames

Hugh Hidden Death Pro

All in one document editor and viewer

Funny wallpapers

Free VPN Hotspot

High quality purple wallpaper

PIP editor image

Ice Cream Selfie Beauty Camera

A moving picture puzzle

Business from Instagram

Great camera

Aura horoscope - fortune seekers

Object photo editor

Plus camera design

Fast translator

Kangaroo VPN

Edit photo collage

Read Palmistry for free

Toonex Photo Editor 2022

Masculine ability

Collage and cartoon editor

High quality photo filter for 4K camera


Show light manufacturers

Lightning VPN

Delete files

Photo editor

Lofa - cartoon photo in the studio

Lucky Catcher - catch them all

Lucky Number Pro

Repeat the video

MadToon cartoon face

Magic Horoscope

GB WA Varna latest version

Funny pictures for free

Foster - cartoon photo effect

NeoSnap photo editor

Commercial ads for Meta

Meta Business Manager

Meta Optimizer - Ad Analysis

meteor vs

Fog wallpaper

Photo editor - frame effect

Full screen video editor

nice shot

Sticker Maker Pro

Gray image gym

Sensory camera

Astroscope for 2022

Mumus music player

PIP 2022 photo

Picture-in-picture camera

Core VPN Proxy

Based on Okone Studio

Pan camera

Daily Fitness PR

Online cartoon editor

Carbon music player

The palm of fate

Famous emoticon

Hot sexy women

Perfect photo album

Pewy Photon - cartoon photo

Photo by PIP

3D FPS shooting

Tower Defense Zone - Batman Rush

Easy photo editing

Blurry camera

Photo puzzle game

Panoramic camera

Peep Camera 2022

Photo Editor Pro

Beautiful summer camera app

Barn photo editor

Photo editors

Rainbow photo spots

Photo stickers and camera: make your beauty

Photo collage: photo editor and beauty painting

PIP camera editor

PIP camera photo editor

Pip's photo

PIP Editor Collage

Pixa: Photo editor and collage maker


Pharaoh's wealth

PIP camera photo editor

Photo collage photo

The perfect photo editor

Smart app blocker

Cool castle

Heartbeat Musician

Pumpkin VPN

Punk VPN

Pure VPN: Fast, Stable, Secure Internet Proxy

Profound work of art

Real management

Papatoon face art editor

Camera photo editor

Magic PIP 2022

Photo and video maker with music

Pop ringtone

Camera app with Christmas stickers

Meta Ads Manager

Rocket link

3D racing car

Rush Hour 3D - Heavy Traffic

Video editor

Secure connection

Cartoon illustrator

PPO poison

Surf VPN

Musician from New Zealand

Roy's photo

Suitable for ProCam

Fission Effectdo image editor

Shining Star Camera

Photo editing

Cartoon Cam Pro

com.slftz.xlzg Wallpaper HD 4K

A wonderful photo puzzle

Smart SMS

Beauty camera recording

Photo Editor Pro

Connect the front camera

SnapBeauty sandwich camera

Cartoon sofa - professional editor

Pipeline 2022

Sliding speed racing game

Increase speed

Picture-in-picture split screen mode

PicMix photo editor

Line of stars

PIP photo


Superior speed

SurfVPN - Fast VPN Proxy

S VPN proxy

S VPN - Fast and secure VPN client

Room with light

Beauty and sweet camera

Nice camera

Fast turbo

Great camera

Photo of the flight

Cartoon keyboard theme

Assistant translator


Torch VPN Proxy

Tap VPN Master.

3D Road Trip

Photozo - PIP and cartoon effect

MotoM3X PoolParty

Proxy Club VPN

Tubo VPN Master

Safe turbo

Turbo Network

Unlimited network

VPN Lite - Fast and easy to use VPN

Seller adds text to photo

Video editor 2021

Virgin VPN

Viva VPN Booster

Bright cool editor

Audio converter

Private HD VPN

4k wallpaper


Pistachio - cartoon photo effect

Magical Daily Astrology Reader

Big picture

beautiful photo

Image editing

Piestra - funny result and mixed result

A smart PDF reader and editor

Female competence

Pro exercise


Excar highway racing

Cartoon photo Zeva

GIF - Find animated GIFs and stickers

2021 Magic Cam Plus

Enjoy the artistic picture

Xona sounds relaxing

The secret of magical photos

Photo editor with cartoon effects

Photo editing wall

Y Main VPN

ZooMate VPN Proxy

Vilatouch crash game

Car accident in Vilatouch

Online first-person shooter

Free music downloader and player

Crash race

Beauty camera filters

Action Flame FPS

Drift Sprint racing game

CityRanger racing game

Funny camera

Desert hunting game

Try to come back

Lunar zodiac horoscope

Call scene flash

Summer media player

Group music player

Men's Fitness 2020

The ultra camera of 2022

Code name Vulture FPS OL

Kangaroo Fast VPN

Music player for Moses

Red camera

Snap: HD Photo Editor

Lightning slide

Nice camera

Camera for children

Battery safety

Master Race Crash

Donfan music player

Complete music player

Musician muse

Night hunters game

Tina's music player

Goat Secure VPN

SnapBeauty Camera Filter

Best media music

Ocean camera

Music player grape

Packaged music player

SeaShell music player



Apex crash race

Cheat master solo kill 2021

Drag racing

High speed racing

He cannot die

City crash racing game

Call the paper exhibit

Sunday's media player

Fire FPS

Modern camera

Rainbow Square - Sorting Puzzle

Camera in bags

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