Mobile Vet Tech Service Helps Animals In Need Within Texas Community

Mobile Vet Tech Service Helps Animals In Need Within Texas Community

BRYAN, Texas - Our furry friends need to go to the vet, but sometimes they get anxious or angry.

Two local charities, Long Way Home Adoptions and BCS Pet Nurse, work together to help animals in need in the community.

"Long Way Home is a local non-profit organization that helps animals in need," said April Plemons. "We tend to focus on the most vulnerable populations, so animals that are abused or neglected, the elderly or those with certain medical needs are the people we focus on the most."

April Plemon is the founder and CEO of Longway Home Adoptions.

"Every time a pet is adopted, you'll receive a coupon for a free pet tech service, so every adoption through Longway Home will receive a free home visit and a free nail trim," Plemon said.

Jaci Christensen is a licensed veterinary technician with BCS Pet Nurse.

"There's a lot of fear when an animal is first adopted, especially from a rescue environment," said BCS nurse Jaci Christensen. "They get used to their environment and it can be scary for their new pet owner to take them straight to the clinic, so we thought it might be a good way to give things back."

Christensen BCS recognizes that even if home nurses are not veterinarians or professional nurses, they have a passion for helping animals in the community.

"We want to be influential," Christensen said. “A scaredy dog ​​or cat that can't easily get to a vet clinic or groom, or help with things like rescues. So we started thinking about how we can help the community.

Plemon said he uses the service and the cats appreciate the home visits.

"My cat is stressed and relieved every time she goes to the vet, so it's a great way for them to come to us," says Plemons. "It was easy. It was a five-minute visit, they were in and out and it was low stress."

More details about adoption at Long Way Home Adoptables can be found here and mobile veterinary technology services with BCS Vet Nurses here.

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