Samsungs One UI 5 Launches With IOS 16s Coolest Feature

Samsungs One UI 5 Launches With IOS 16s Coolest Feature

Samsung has finally released One UI 5 version of Android 13. The company is focusing on improving the usability of the operating system, creating a different design language as well as adding some interesting improvements.

Samsung's key feature here is lock screen customization. While Samsung is nothing new to the company's phones, Samsung is bringing this feature to the One UI lock screen right after Apple introduced something similar in iOS 16. You can change the wallpaper, clock style, notification design and more. You can change. It has even been modified to look like an Apple app. Lock screen customization is a useful feature that you will find on many Chinese Android phones. Google should bring more to Android in general, with Material U's emphasis on personalization in particular.

However, Samsung's customization options go beyond the surface. The company also makes mods. Basically it allows it to change themes, limit notifications, etc. in iOS focus mode.

One feature that Pixel users will be familiar with is Bixby Text Call. Like the Google Assistant call screen, it lets you answer calls without answering them. Instead, you can write messages that are converted to voice and read to the caller on the other end. However, don't get too excited as it is currently only available in Korean and will be available to English speaking users in early 2023.

Other One UI 5 features include smart widgets, layered widgets, and extracting text from images. You also get all the features of Android 13, which is definitely not a great user experience. They're more about quality of life, as more of your apps get monochrome icons when you choose, and a new security bar that lets you control how secure your phone and accounts are.

One UI 5 is coming to Samsung phones later this year. The Samsung Galaxy S22, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 will top the list, while older phones and A-series upgrades will have to wait until 2023 for updates.

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