Techno Music & Anti Consumerism

Techno Music & Anti Consumerism

George Orwell 's

Techno rave nights end the same way: on a cold April day, the dancers leave the club at 1:00 PM after a long night. At the time, Orwell warned a world cursed by surveillance. Today, techno dancers are seeking refuge one by one.

To be clear, techno as defined is not the Calvin Harris or Diplo you hear on the radio. Instead of being melodic, techno sounds too mechanical, cold and emotional. Techno has no harmony, no predictable drops, no verses, no choruses, no solos.

Techno tracks have no beginning and no end. Bass stays strong until lights out at 9am.

It wasn't that long ago that techno was a fringe movement that could only be found in the fringes of Detroit and Berlin. Today, you can experience techno in underground clubs and art galleries in almost every major city. So techno attracts a lot of people in Las Vegas, unlike the Calvin Harris types.

To understand the anti-consumerism of techno, one must understand the new motivation for psychological freedom in the digital world. Techno has more power in consumers' minds than foot traffic, and it's thanks to digital FOMO.

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