Vivo Launches Funtouch OS 13 Based On Android 13 For Overseas Users

Vivo Launches Funtouch OS 13 Based On Android 13 For Overseas Users

This new operating system offers new customization options, security improvements, and ease-of-use features for a smoother, more seamless experience.

SHENZHEN , Oct. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- vivo has officially launched the new Funtouch OS 13 for users in overseas markets. Based on the latest Android 13, this updated operating system combines Vivo's design-driven values ​​with new and improved personalization options, enhanced privacy and security features, and new management features for a smoother and more seamless experience. vivo aims not only to provide users with an easy experience, but also to enable them to express their creativity and individuality through their devices.

Add a touch of personalization to your screen

Give your screen a personal touch.

Add a touch of personalization to your screen

Funtouch OS 13 gives users better visual control on the home screen. With the monochrome icon feature, users can now express their creativity and self-expression by matching their home screen icons to their wallpaper, system and app skins.

The new system also allows users to customize the color of their system interface and built-in applications, including the notification panel, volume control, calculator and clock. Using the user's preferred background image and theme color, an appropriate shader can be determined and applied to the application interface to give a more personalized look to the device.

More protection and security

The new app pinning feature helps protect sensitive data and gives users more peace of mind about their security and privacy. If someone else is using the device, the two-step locking feature tracks the selected app and blocks access to other apps on the device. This feature allows for more flexibility by allowing the owner to manage settings and control what actions are allowed in the docked apps when other people are using the device.

This update allows users to hide photos and videos and choose which apps can access certain photos, preventing unwanted views on their devices and improving privacy.

Advanced controls and user-friendly features for added convenience

To create an optimized experience for Vivo users, Funtouch OS 13 comes with an advanced application manager, iManager, which is especially helpful in managing application usage time. If the CPU usage is too high, users can close this app with one click. iManager can prevent overheating by reducing the number of active applications and adjusting the CPU frequency according to the phone's cooling capacity.

In addition to weather updates, the dashboard also includes an AQI map for health users who want quick access to the latest air quality data, including detailed PM2.5 indicators.

Stay tuned for more photo and video updates thanks to Vivo's renowned expertise in high-end mobile photography. The professional viewfinder makes shooting easier with a new stabilization ring that helps reduce the effects of hand shake.

The new operating system has improved the video editing process, allowing users to mute the video while recording and make precise audio adjustments to each part of the video, making it easier to create professional-quality videos.

Improved accessibility with color correction and inversion, as well as the ability to create animations for users with special needs, such as: b. To avoid visual impairment.

Funtouch OS 13 will be available starting October 24, 2022 for X80 Pro. vivo, Funtouch OS 13 gradually brings a brand new experience to more users around the world.

About Vivo

vivo is a technology company that creates innovative products based on design-based values ​​with a focus on smart devices and smart services. The company wants to build a bridge between people and the digital world. Through unique innovation, Vivo brings a more convenient mobile and digital life to users. In line with the company's core values, including Benefin*, user-centered, design-driven value, continuous learning and team spirit, Vivo has implemented a sustainable development strategy that dreams of becoming a healthy and sustainable world-class company.

Vivo focuses on advanced technology development and relies on a network of research and development centers in Shenzhen , Dongguan , Nanjing , Beijing , Hangzhou , Shanghai and Xi'an to collect and develop the best domestic talent to achieve excellence. Cutting edge consumer technology including 5G, artificial intelligence, industrial design, imaging systems and other emerging technologies. vivo has established a state-of-the-art manufacturing network with the capacity to produce approximately 200 million smartphones annually (including those authorized by Vivo). To date, Vivo has expanded its sales network to more than 60 countries and regions and enjoys more than 400 million users worldwide.

* "Benefit" is a word that describes the attitude of doing the right thing and doing good, which is an apt description of Vivo's mission to create value for society.

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