Will Channel Investments Through ‘Shine Lanka

Will Channel Investments Through ‘Shine Lanka

The India-Sri Lanka Chief Executive Forum (ICF) met Prime Minister Dinesh Gunnardhan yesterday in the Prime Minister's Office (6) where the Prime Minister stressed the need for further growth of bilateral trade and increased Indian investment in new areas and emphasized the introduction of Indians. How do you know technology?

He thanked Indian companies for their significant contribution and support to the Sri Lankan economy by bringing significant investments to the country, export earnings, job creation and contributions to the treasury through direct and indirect taxes.

The CEO team, led by FORM President TS Prakash, said member companies represent industries ranging from automotive, banking, cement and consumer goods to fuels, glass, hospitality, infrastructure, logistics, packaging, coatings and pharmaceuticals.

Referring to the Prime Minister's proposals for initiatives in new areas, he said that the ICF has launched a "Shine Lanka" platform to promote trade and investment as well as tourism, which has great potential.

The Prime Minister briefed the executives on the steps taken by the government to resolve the country's unprecedented economic crisis. Ashish Nanda from Airtel said his company has access to more than 65% of Indian households via mobile and Sri Lanka can use IT to boost tourism in India's huge market.

The Indian CEO appreciated the early success of Sri Lanka's recovery plan from the economic crisis and stressed the need to continue efforts. They also called for the relaxation of some old rules to stimulate trade and attract investment.

Prakash said Indian companies are making a valuable contribution to the economy by providing paid employment for thousands of people, providing top-notch management and technical expertise and making a significant contribution to Sri Lanka's foreign exchange earnings despite the current economic challenges.

He said the ICF's goals are to promote Sri Lanka's economic growth through Indian investment, protect and enhance economic cooperation, promote new economic relations between India and Sri Lanka, and provide an open forum for Indian-born business leaders to serve India. . Multinational companies and Sri Lankan companies in Sri Lanka.

The delegation included Sri Ashok Leyland plc, Former President Umesh Gautam, Vice President Kishore Reddy, (Platinum Realty), Manoj Gupta, (Lanka IOC), Ashish Chandra, (Bharti Airtel), Harikrishnan Sundaram (Colombo West International Station), Girish Manjeshwar . . (Ultratech Cement) and Anurag Sharma (Reckhitt). The event was attended by Prime Minister Secretary Anura Dissanayake.

By the managing director present at the meeting.

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