Microsoft Brings Back SwiftKey For IOS To The App Store

Microsoft Brings Back SwiftKey For IOS To The App Store

In September, Microsoft announced that it would be canceling the planned SwiftKey keyboard for iOS effective October 5, 2022 and removing the app from the App Store.

People who have already installed the keyboard can continue to use it on their iPhone until they decide to remove it or until the user buys a new device. At the time, it was not explained why the company would end support for the iOS version of SwifKey.

It's been a little over a month since it retired, and the company has taken the unexpected turn of bringing its SwiftKey keyboard app for iOS back to the App Store.

According to Pedram Rezai (@pedram_re), CTO of Maps and Location Services at Microsoft, the company decided to restore SwiftKey for iOS "due to high demand." He also said that the company is now "significantly investing in the keyboard" without elaborating.

Vishnu Nath, vice president and general manager of the Microsoft Office product group, also urged fans to "keep an eye on what the team has in store," insisting that not only will the keyboard app stay, you'll get it. . often. new features and improvements in the future.

For those who don't know, the news of the iOS version of SwiftKey broke a few months ago after Reddit users pointed out that the app had stopped receiving updates for over a year, with the last update arriving on August 11th. 2021

It's not yet clear when or if the keyboard app will be updated. So stay tuned!

About SwiftKey

SwiftKey is a virtual keyboard app originally developed by TouchType for Android and iOS devices. It was first released for Android in July 2010, followed by an iOS version in September 2014 after Apple introduced support for third-party keyboards. In 2016, Microsoft bought SwiftKey for $250 million.

According to the software page, Microsoft's SwiftKey is "a smart keyboard that remembers how you type so you can type faster," which means "auto-correction really works, so you can get your point across quickly without making mistakes." .

SwiftKey is known not only for smart next word prediction, but also supports multilingual and finger typing. It also allows users to customize the keyboard by choosing from over ten themes, over 800 emojis, GIFs, and more. allows you to send

Interested users can download SwiftKey for iOS from the App Store and the Android version from the Google Play Store.

Free Swiftkey keyboard is FREE on the App Store


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