Shinedoe Interview “The Dutch Techno Scene Has Always Been Strong”

Shinedoe Interview  “The Dutch Techno Scene Has Always Been Strong”

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The Dutch veteran tells us to "wake up".

Shinedo had been releasing his strong techno productions to the public for almost two decades, but as the Dutch scene grew and stars like Dave Clark , Jeff Mills , Rekids and Get Physical recognized his skills, he was on the rise. He has just released his fifth album, Freedom Riders , on his newly launched Music That Moves (MTM) label (digital only), as well as his four-song Wake Up EP on vinyl , to the delight of DJs. We spoke with him to find out more…

Are you recovering from dancing in Amsterdam? It seems to be a real world event now. What do you think? Where have you played and seen other amazing outfits?

The ADEs were very good this year. On Friday night I closed out the night of the Dave Clark raffle at the Melkweg. I'm also doing an audio tour for Everything Is Music x ADE where people can download the app ( and hear my voice guide them to my favorite places in Amsterdam. There is a lot to do during ADE. This year I met up with some friends and relaxed as I was touring Colombia in a few days.

Holland has always had a place for techno, but right now the Dutch techno scene is very strong. What do you think are its characteristics and can you recommend a new name?

The Dutch techno scene has always been strong both in clubs and at festivals. From my point of view they have always highlighted all types of techno music. Maybe it's become a bit more 'commercial' now, which might show why people think it's a bit more powerful nowadays, as well as the new generation embracing techno music. I keep thinking of new names, but the scene is very dynamic.

Your breakthrough song "Dillema" was released on the Dutch label 100% Pure in 2004. How do you think your music has changed since then?

When I make music, it's always what I'm feeling or looking at in the moment. Each song has its own unique feeling that I want to convey. I'm always interested in discovering new hardware or plugins. I still learn more when I have something new in my studio, or when I have a technical problem and I have to sit for hours to solve it.

Tell us about the Music That Moves (MTM) label you founded in 2018. Why leave Intact and focus solely on releasing your own creations?

I successfully ran Intacto Records with Dylan Hermelin for 16 years (2000 and one) and during that time we released music by many artists from around the world. I have learned a lot and am very grateful over the years.

At some point I felt and understood that it takes a lot of time and effort to find the right music for our label. When I reach forty, I have time to think and I want to focus exclusively on my work and continue with the Music That Moves label .

Her voice is often described as a "positive" voice. Is it something you're actively developing or just something that just happened? Should I be careful not to overdo it?

It's interesting! Producing for me means being free and creative. I do not label my voice or the sound of my music. I create what I feel in the moment and express it in my work. What I love about music is that everyone has their own experience and interpretation of listening to music, so my work presents something unique for every listener.

Last year you released an album on Jeff Mills' Axis label. how is jeff the head of the label?

Jeff Mills is honest to the core, but always engaging and totally engaging.

The Wake Up EP gave us what the Freedom Riders album was all about, plus something to play. How would you describe the LP?

My Wake Up EP is all about being aware of your surroundings and connecting with your inner truth. When there is peace in you, you will wake up and feel it and be free of it. Freedom Riders is about breaking free from the conditioning of the world and getting back to your core, your pure core. I hope the EP brings them back in the same way the LP did.

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