Smartwatch Helps Woman Trapped In Itaewon Stampede Notify Family

Smartwatch Helps Woman Trapped In Itaewon Stampede Notify Family

A woman stranded in Itawan used her smartwatch to contact her family during the stampede after being rescued by workers at a shop near Seoul, the Oriental Daily reported.

He lost all his belongings, including his mobile phone, in a mess, but thanks to his smart watch he was able to contact his parents.

Recalling the incident, the woman, whose identity has not been released, said she wanted to turn around and leave after realizing there were many people there.

However, his decision was taken too late and he ended up in the crowd.

“There were so many people in the street that I couldn't walk.

“I thought of leaving as soon as possible, but suddenly the shouting started and the crowd started falling.

“They pushed me inside the shop, but the crowd was squeezing my lower body and I couldn't move. The store staff rushed to help and in the confusion I had to drop my bag and mobile phone,” he said.

Thanks to the smart watch, the woman was able to call emergency contacts and her father, who picked up the phone, immediately went to Itawan to rescue his daughter.

> A woman who couldn't pay her legal fees met a lawyer, asked him to help resolve the issue and left after a month, according to Kwong Wah Jit Poh.

The newspaper reported that a woman named Gina was searching LinkedIn for a lawyer in her area.

After reading the lawyer's profile, he checked his social media and found himself frequenting the nearest coffee shop chain.

The woman then has an informal meeting with a lawyer, who asks her to be kicked out.

The couple dated for a month and he helped her until their legal issues were resolved.

However, Gina leaves him and confesses that she does not love him.

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At least 149 people have been killed in a massive stampede at a Halloween celebration in Seoul.

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