Techno Artiste Deepesh Sharma Will Make His Tomorrowland Debut

Techno Artiste Deepesh Sharma Will Make His Tomorrowland Debut

Techno artist Dipesh Sharma has been making waves in the underground music scene. From touring the world to performing with some of the biggest names, to being one of the youngest artist/DJs, to owning the multi-level Glory Beach Club in Galle, Dipesh is one of those active people who has pushed the boundaries of music. For years. Apart from his own techno project, the Mumbai-based artist also has a psy-trance project called Designer Hippies with his brother Romeo. He has plans to open a few more clubs in Mumbai, Goa and Europe.

The Telegraph caught up with Dipesh at his latest concert at The Carnival in partnership with The Telegraph held at the JW Marriott Kolkata.

You have a strong connection with Kolkata.

Always a pleasure to stay here in Kolkata. I have had a long relationship with Calcutta... since it was known as Calcutta. All the projects I have been involved in are design hippies... both Mr.Right now Dipesh Sharma... I have also worked with Dipesh Sharma and Romeo G b2b (retro). I am very happy that this city is growing.

Do you know Kolkata?

To be honest, the energy of the audience was huge. People go to parties and they know how to party. They keep the date as their wedding day, which the musicians are delighted with. And this is important. There are times when I think nightlife is dying for some reason, but it's nice to see people bringing the same love and warmth.

Today we see about five festivals a month. What do you think about growth?

Life and everything in it is constantly evolving. It is inevitable. 11 years ago when we opened our club in Goa, Chronicle, now Glory… So my club was empty at night. People started giving us ideas about Bollywood nights, commercials and EDM. But we (Dipesha, Romeo and Franciski) have a desire to experience something so different that we do not lose hope. It's great to see the music evolve and people love to come and appreciate the music... that's how the atmosphere evolves.

We witnessed a transition from psychedelic music to trance, deep house and techno. Surrender to what comes. You can't stay for a minute. When the music fades, it fades. There is no reason for this.

Your place in Vagator, Goa has been renamed from Chronicles to Fame. how?

The opening is tomorrow (November 19th) as we speak, so I'm really excited. We have a lot of superstars coming to perform. The name was changed after the pandemic. It seems to me that we are all so sad and things that have seen an end. We are lucky to be here. That's why the name was changed to Glory... Dancing to a moment of glory.

The music industry has been hit hard and many artists have stopped touring due to illness. But your schedule looks full for November and December.

It's so intense, I'm not going to lie. My deepest condolences on the sad news you have received. But at the same time, people are realizing that they need to keep fit and that's the message we want to get across. Amidst my busy schedule, I try to go to the gym every day. From drinking coffee and protein shakes while dancing to avoiding whatever you can to create a healthy lifestyle.

What's next for Dipesh Sharma?

Deepesh Sharma will not be seen again after the season ends. I used to lock myself in my room and make my EP and my album. I'll be going underground starting in March and then I'm looking forward to the biggest festival in the world. I also have plans to open more nightclubs and restaurants around the world.

Can we get an idea of ​​the EP you are going to be working on?

In my new album there will be many collaborations with many talented musicians from all over the world.

Where will we see you perform next?

I performed at the Exit festival, the next line-up is Tomorrowland. I will then be in Europe. When I was there for six months, I realized that they are looking for a lot of talent and now is the best time to make your voice heard.

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