Tecno Spark 8C Review Keeping You Humble While On A Budget

Tecno Spark 8C Review  Keeping You Humble While On A Budget

6.8 can't stand

Tecno Spark 8C is an excellent choice for those on a budget. There are so many things to love and not feel cheated halfway through. The cameras and processing power could be better, but the battery, Samsung-like build and similar design make it worth your money. But if you don't have that budget, it's good to look elsewhere.

  • Figure 7

  • Performance 5

  • Battery 8

  • Camera 4

  • Price 10

  • User rating ( 2 votes) 6.7

Tecno Spark 8C knows exactly what it is: an affordable Android smartphone. It looks and feels like Samsung is cheapening the new flagships to look high budget. For R3000, you can't expect the Spark to do much more. It makes calls, lets you watch YouTube, play Candy Crush and take amazing photos. (Besides a USB-C port) What more could you ask for?

Beautiful deep turquoise

The first thing you'll notice about the Spark 8C is the back panel. If there is usually a glass, Tecno has chosen a plastic back. There is no problem here. If you see it, the flash will not overwhelm you; A big plus for a cheap phone. The big "don't stop" slogan behind it is a bit... in your face. This is acceptable because your back is not in your face 24/7. The shutter fixes that, so it's not a big deal.

However, it is in front of you 24/7. There is nothing special here. Imagine a Samsung Galaxy A smartphone, add some width to the body and you have the Tecno Spark 8C. The Spark has ultra-slim bezels on a 6.6-inch glass panel. If you're not a fan of point-and-shoot cameras, the Spark's front-facing camera might seem a little annoying.

There's a thicker mat around the screen than we'd like, with a set of buttons covered in the same plastic you'll find on the back. On the side is the standard power button, volume rocker and SIM tray. The bottom edge houses the micro USB port, speaker grille and audio jack. Having audio connectivity helps us forget the pain of not having a USB-C port.

You turn on the Spark and turn on the big "stop at nothing" and focus on the camera. It takes up less space, which is good because it shares space with the fingerprint scanner. Unlike the Spark 7 Pro, the camera doesn't extend beyond the frame of the phone. The Spark does its best to emulate the more expensive Androids, but it can't turn water into wine.

Bright luck

Tecno Spark 8C

While we may not like the slogan behind it, the real meat is in the phone. After turning on your phone and going through all the normal setup steps, you'll be greeted with Hi OS. Hi OS is an Android Tecno skin and runs on a lighter version of Android 11. It is slightly different from the original Android OS. It is good. It's not that great, but the design looks familiar if you've used any Android before.

But it's the screen and processor that hold it all together. A 6.6-inch display is paired with a 90Hz refresh rate and 1612×700 resolution. It's not great, but it's not too noticeable on a 6.6-inch screen. Note: A quick visit to the settings is required to properly enable the 90Hz refresh mode. It is off by default, supposedly to save battery.

The gloss leaves a lot to be desired. Even when playing with objects in the office, we saw an increase in brightness. Tecno does not mention the Spark's maximum brightness. Considering this, we are not surprised.

Under the hood, it runs a Spark Unisock T606 processor, which we can only find out by going to Google. Spark itself won't tell us and neither will Tecno. That... says a lot. What you'll learn at Techno is that the Spark has a 1.6GHz octa-core processor inside. And with good reason. It does not compare to other mobile phones in terms of processing power. He's strong enough to keep you going, but we'd like him to add more to his to-do list. Our review model has 128GB of storage and 4GB of RAM. Cheaper 64GB/2GB options are also available.

At least with Spark you won't catch covid soon (that's sarcasm.) The Tecno phone doesn't have a 5G chipset, it's limited to 4G network only. It doesn't sound like a broken drive, but it might have something to do with the phone's R3 000 price tag.

This is free property.

Tecno Spark 8C

Despite the large amount of space given to the camera on the back of the Spark, that space isn't put to good use. A main sensor of 13 MP (f/1.8) is paired with an 8 MP camera on the front. None of them are good. The camera is handy for snapping the funny bird when you're out and about, but otherwise... Spark won't respect us.

What we receive is a massive 5,000 mAh battery that packs a big punch. After a few hours of heavy use, the battery dropped to over 80%. It lasts all day and more. The only problem is charging the baby, as it doesn't support USB-C charging. They are connected to a micro USB port. We know it's a budget phone, but we think we're past the boring days of micro USB. I do not think so.

Tecno Spark 8C Verdict

Tecno Spark 8C

Perfect for Tecno Spark 8C R3 000. Looks like you're missing 5G, USB-C and a decent camera. The Spark makes up for it with a good battery and a familiar screen for a budget Samsung device. Although it wasn't strong, we didn't expect it to be. For anything (and some) that only requires a smartphone to perform basic tasks, the Tecno Spark 8C can be a good choice . You can do better elsewhere, but you'll be fine here.

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