Vivo Unveils Global Funtouch OS 13 Based On Android 13

Vivo Unveils Global Funtouch OS 13 Based On Android 13

Vivo has announced a new version of its Android operating system. Global Funtouch OS 13 is now official and of course based on Android 13. This skin will work on Vivo and iQOO devices.

In addition to the design change, the company has added several privacy options, security and privacy improvements, language flow improvements, and more. Let's talk about something new, shall we?

Application embedding features

When it comes to privacy and security, Vivo has a lot to say. The new App Embed feature is here to help. Vivo has introduced a two-step lock feature that makes selected apps visible and blocks them from anyone using the phone. This way you can give your phone to someone to check without leaving the app of your choice. In other words, no one will see your phone.

Monochrome icons and color customization.

Funtouch OS 13 offers many new customization options. With the monochrome icons feature, you can customize your home screen icons to match your favorite wallpapers, system, and app interfaces.

Funtouch OS 13 allows you to customize various built-in apps and system colors just like a phone. B. Notification bar, volume control, clock, calculator and more.

Professional Camera Viewer

Vivo is also redesigning the camera (slightly) in Funtouch OS 13. To make things easier, the company has introduced a Pro watch with a mounting ring. Here everything is at your fingertips. The design has not changed much, but it has become better.

New Video Editing Features

There will also be new video editing options. While editing, you can mute the video and change the volume of each part as you like.

Masters result

Since this part was not included in the press release, at least there will be a new feature called "Effect Master" based on Fonearena. It's basically the equivalent of choosing a photo style on the iPhone. You can move the viewfinder to select a pattern.

hidden album

You can also hide some of your private photos and videos in Funtouch OS 13. If you have multiple photos or videos, you can easily hide and protect them with the PIN/Fingerprint Scanner.

digital access

Vivo has added several new accessibility features in Funtouch OS 13. Color correction, color repeating and animation removal are all available in the settings.

These are some of the upcoming changes. We are in more. The beta version of this update was released yesterday. This is the first case for Vivo X80 Pro and many other phones will soon follow. We're not sure when a stable build will be released, but we hope to be in the near future. Take a look at the image below to see which phones are scheduled for the beta update and when.

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