Vivo X90 Series Camera Upgrades Have Been Detailed

Vivo X90 Series Camera Upgrades Have Been Detailed

Vivo is preparing to launch the Vivo X90 series and it's no longer a secret. The company has never confirmed the availability of the Vivo X80 Pro+. However, rumors circulated that the device was about to see the light of day, but the company canceled it to focus on the Vivo X90 series. The unknown confirmation of the arrival of the Vivo X90 series is that the company is teasing the camera prowess of this series.

Vivo has worked hard with ZEISS to develop the upcoming flagship camera of the Vivo X90 series. The system combines several parts responsible for specific functions. The ultimate goal of the system is to create a digital image that fully corresponds to what the human eye sees on site.

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The new technology focuses on two situations that are still difficult for smartphones: night photography and portraits. The Chinese brand and ZEISS are working hard to improve this technology. However, some improvements have been made by Vivo itself. On the other hand, some technicians benefit from the experience of ZEISS. Both are working to ensure the best experience for the upcoming Vivo X90 series.

New technologies to improve portrait and night photography


The system includes a new optical system. This technology uses advanced lenses and coatings and improves the signal-to-noise ratio of the image sensor. The correct color restoration engine takes care of determining the correct white balance. The technology contained in the X90 series also includes the Ultra-Clear Picture Quality Engine.

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According to the company, it is a very high-quality algorithm. It uses a virtual lens model to recover about 35% of information lost due to optical defects. There's also a multi-frame mode that further improves image quality and dynamic range. The technology will be particularly useful for periscope lenses.

The Vivo X90 series brings improvements in portrait photography. There is a new system that is divided into three parts. The first part recognizes the scene and finds 103 attribute points on the face of a given object. The next two sections describe the work. They work on it and use machine-learning beauty filters. Another customizes the background by adjusting various sliders (blur, color, brightness, etc.).

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There is another system in the Vivo X90 series. This improves the image in low light. The maximum sensitivity of the camera has been doubled. This allows the phone's camera to reach a standard ISO of 102,400. The system allows the user to photograph the starry sky without tripping or long exposure.

The Vivo X90 series introduces a new personal internet service provider

The camera claims that the next-gen flagships, the Vivo X90, Vivo X90 Pro and Pro+, will have 77% better light sensitivity than the Vivo X80's dedicated ISOCELL CNG sensor. The company is working with ZEISS to develop a new 50mm portrait lens. Image processing, artificial intelligence, deep learning and everything else is taken care of by the ISP. Maybe we'll see a successor to the Vivo V1. Maybe ISP Vivo V2.

Long life

Nothing is currently known about the launch of the Vivo X90 series. Regardless, the new camera technology may seem like a joke to some. The X90 Pro+ is rumored to be getting Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, so we could see a launch sometime after December.

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