WTF Moments: Jabes' Intense, Unstable Club Music Will Twist Your Mind

WTF Moments: Jabes' Intense, Unstable Club Music Will Twist Your Mind

When you hear a song like Ripples in the Club there is a clear emphasis on fun and class changing energy in your music. Are these qualities you want to create in club music to get people's attention at a club night?

This particular song comes from a place where I wanted to have some sort of WTF moment in the club haha. I love loud noises, and it's always fun to enjoy music that is somewhere between uncomfortable and fun.

Is this the energy you want to create with your DJ at the disco and on the radio? What kind of music do you like to play in the disco?

Oh no! I think the most important thing I want from a DJ is to be unpredictable. I always try to play many different genres of music because that's what I listen to and love, and the clash of different styles and emotions can be a fun and exciting place for an evening. When I have more time I like to play slow and deep, but sometimes I think it's fun to ask questions of the audience and play things that divide the club.

Read this later. ¥ØU$UK€ ¥UK1MAT$U is listening.

Over the years you have had a working relationship with Hapa, Krimix, a few radio shows and one hour Cirrus productions. What made you decide to make music together?

I was a big fan of Hapa before meeting Sameer. Knowing that someone my age is making this music and that they are from Leeds where I grew up was very encouraging as a teenager. We met through mutual friends and have been best friends ever since. He is an amazing producer and always supports my music. We have the same interests when it comes to the type of music we listen to. One of the funniest things I've ever done as a DJ is play b2b with Sam and I'm so proud of our joint radio show called Balami. We feel this is an environment where we can truly appreciate all the genres of music that have brought us together since the beginning.

You really leave the music to yourself with your tight tracks. Do you have other plans about it or the release of another CD in the near future?

klunk is not just my track. A partnership between Louie and me who actually run the label. Louie contacted me soon after hearing about the release of Treehouse and had a great idea behind it. At the time I was making a bunch of songs but didn't know what to do with them and was ready to give up on music altogether. He got me out of it all and we developed a great friendship working on this publication together. Labels fade into the background when life gets in the way of music releases, but maybe we'll have more in the future. I'd like to see the label continue.

Can you tell us about your mix?

This mix is ​​an attempt to bring together what I've been trying to do in the last few collections and introduce myself a bit. It traverses different styles, moods and BPMs, and I try to bring together all the amazing dance music that has been created around the world. I'm so happy that everything went well.

Jabes EP "Ripples / Body Said No" is now available on Timedance, download it here.

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