Apple IDs Security Keys Protection Available With IOS 16.3 Beta

Apple IDs Security Keys Protection Available With IOS 16.3 Beta
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Early last week, Apple announced three major features coming to iCloud: Advanced Data Protection, Apple ID Security Lock, and iMessage Contact Key Verification. These features focus on "high risk" individuals such as journalists, human rights defenders and diplomats. That's why Apple wanted to give them an extra layer of protection.

Improved data protection is available in the newly released iOS 16.2. This feature increases the number of iCloud end-to-end encryption categories, such as backups, notes, and photos, to 23. While we think iOS 16.3 may bring this feature to more countries, Apple is currently testing security keys for Apple IDs in beta. first of this upcoming update.

Security Locks allow customers to use third-party hardware security keys to increase the security of their iCloud data. Apple says the feature is intended for users who regularly face cumulative threats to their online accounts due to their public profile, such as celebrities, journalists and members of the government.

MacRumors found that security keys can be set up on devices running iOS 16.3 beta 1 by going to Apple ID > Security Key. To set up this feature, users must follow the on-screen instructions and have support for a FIDO-certified security key.

In addition to iOS 16.3, iPadOS 16.3 and macOS Ventura 13.2 also support this feature. Apple says iMessage Contact Key Verification, the last of three newly announced features, will be available in 2023.

Check iMessage communication keys for users facing digital threats. They can also ensure that they only send messages to those people. According to Apple, conversations between users who have enabled iMessage contact verification automatically receive alerts if a highly sophisticated adversary, such as a state-sponsored attacker, gains access to their devices to hack cloud servers and eavesdrop on encrypted communications.

“At Apple, we remain committed to providing our users with the best data security in the world. We are constantly identifying and addressing new threats to their personal data on the device and in the cloud," said Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president of software engineering. "Our security team works tirelessly to protect user data and iMessage contacts, verify key security. . And improved data protection for iCloud, users will get three powerful new tools to better protect their most sensitive data and communications.”

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