Apple Watch Ultra: Best Smartwatch Ever?

Apple Watch Ultra: Best Smartwatch Ever?
Apple Watch Ultra: The most connected watch? © Business Today Apple Watch Ultra: The most connected watch?

The Apple Watch Ultra is the most adventurous, the most expensive and the price of the iPhone 14. And given the price in India, is it really value for money?

One of Apple's biggest announcements this year was the release of the Ultra. It has a large, sports-ready screen, and despite its size, the titanium body doesn't weigh too much on the wrist. It still weighs 61.3g, almost double the weight of the Series 8. It's 14.4mm wide.

Well, if you're doing a hard workout, weight training or just running, this watch comes in very handy because it tracks the calories burned, tells you if your heart rate is actually above your threshold, not if your health is increasing. push me too far These are the best and most useful things when using the Apple Watch.

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Unlike other Apple watches that require charging every 14 hours and charging every 16 hours, the Apple Watch Ultra requires charging every 36 hours. So that's a big bump compared to previous Apple Watches, you can still get juice on the Apple Watch Ultra if you put it on sleep mode. So battery life isn't as good as many Fitbits, but still pretty good in Apple's world. So why do you need so many batteries? Well, of course, swimming or diving requires it too. Even better, Apple claims better water resistance certification, allowing it to be used at a maximum depth of 40 meters, perfect for scuba diving.

It also comes with other SOS features that come with the new iPhone and Apple Watch. But going there is very useful


Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, the Apple Watch Ultra can also be used as a dive computer for divers. Although it's huge at 49mm and has a new function key, it definitely stands out from other portable devices. On the other hand, if you want to monitor your sleep, the Ultra isn't the best sleep companion due to its noise level. For that, I would use the smaller Apple Watch or the fitness bands of the competition. Speaking of competition, the Ultra definitely suits the Garmin with its advanced build and features, but the Watch OS offers limited analysis and insight compared to the Garmin. But that's just background noise when looking at the Ultra's main feature - battery life. One of the biggest concerns for Apple Watch users is the exceptional battery life of less than a day on a charging station to keep their wearables alive and running. Given that the Ultra offers 36 hours of battery life, I think it's a real game changer, and Apple fans can only hope that this kind of battery life comes with cheaper Apple Watch variants in the future.

It retails at Rs 89,900 and is available on all major e-commerce websites in India

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