Chinese State Media Urges India To Protect Interests Of Vivo And Other Firms

Chinese State Media Urges India To Protect Interests Of Vivo And Other Firms
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Amid reports that Indian authorities had prevented Chinese smartphone maker Vivo from exporting 27,000 smartphones worth $15 million for just over a week, the Chinese state-owned Global Times said Indian authorities they failed to comply with laws and regulations that were supposed to increase transparency and uphold legality. The rights and interests of Chinese mobile phone manufacturers.

Whether this Vivo incident can be handled properly will have a strong demonstrative effect on many other foreign companies, the publication said, adding that the matter has once again raised eyebrows in the Indian market amid India's growth among Chinese companies. Restrictions and investigations against Chinese companies this year.

“The relevant Indian authorities should investigate further and provide clarity in a timely manner to address the concerns of the business community,” the publication said.

On the other hand, Vivo should actively cooperate with the relevant authorities in India to clarify the real situation.

According to the report, Chinese companies like Vivo have a long history of contributing to the Indian economy and operate legally.

“India's economic growth requires foreign investment. If India engages in more unfair practices to alarm foreign companies, it will harm not only the interests of Chinese companies but also the reputation of the business environment. India too could suffer irreparable damage,” the report said.

Tech analysts say it will be difficult for India to break its reliance on relatively efficient Chinese mobile phones.

India has stepped up its crackdown on Chinese companies over the years.

The Indian government is investigating alleged tax evasion by three Chinese mobile phone companies, OPPO, Vivo India and Xiaomi.

The company received an embezzlement notice from the Tax Intelligence Department (DRI).

India has also banned more than 300 Chinese apps, including Tencent's WeChat and ByteDance's TikTok.

The country is expanding its domestic smartphone and chip manufacturing sector.

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