Creaseless Oppo Find N2 Foldable Previewed On Video Strutting A Quirky Cover Screen

Creaseless Oppo Find N2 Foldable Previewed On Video Strutting A Quirky Cover Screen
We have it there In our Oppo Find N review, we found it to be a very well-designed and well-balanced phone with a vertically folding screen. We are very excited to hear that Oppo is preparing to launch a series called Find N2 series, but with a horizontal folding type or clamshell or clamshell design.
Lo and behold, the tentatively named Oppo Find N2 (although we don't know why Oppo called it the Flip instead of the original successor) has just been released in all its glory in the video below.
The obvious thing from this short hands-on experience is that the Find N2 clamshell will have a relatively large external display, and not just for displaying date/time or notifications. Galaxy ZFlip 4.

It looks huge and is probably longer diagonally than the Motorola Razr 3's 3-inch curved display, which is the largest external flexible display panel to date. Instead of the horizontal layout of the Razer 3, which takes up all the rear space not occupied by the two large cameras, Oppo has chosen a more comfortable vertical orientation of the screen.

The size uses Oppo's 50-megapixel sensors, and the lens aperture suggests that it's a primary and ultra-wide camera rather than a telephoto one. And finally, the large internal display above the fold is nearly invisible, just like on Oppo's OG Find N, which preceded Samsung's fold. Oppo Find N2 is said to be announced and released early this month. So stay tuned for our in-depth look at what might be the best foldable phone with a flexible OLED display.


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