Dancing Astronauts Artists To Watch In 2023

Dancing Astronauts Artists To Watch In 2023
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New year, check out the new artists. Back by popular demand, the annual Dance Astronaut Artist category features 25 of the most sought-after emerging artists in the dance/electronic genre. From unique underground waveleaders to up-and-coming festivals, from bass to techno and more, we're proud to continue our Artists to Watch feature for the third year running - enjoy.

By Rachel Narozniak

Initially, L8NCY was an anonymous company. Chandler Layton, who voiced and sang on award-winning productions such as "One More Day" and "Lonely", wanted a creative outlet to satisfy his dance/electronic sensibilities, where his songs were his own and those who would accompany them. It exists with its artistic project without encroachment. He concluded that the terms of his consent required him to have no face or name in the context of L8NCY, pronounced "latency".

“At first I wanted to do L8NCY without saying anything. I didn't mean to put my picture or name on it. I wanted to wear a wig on stage like I was going crazy,” Layton said in her May Supernovas interview with Dancing Astronauts .

But plans changed, and on the night of May 21, the only part of that statement that was true was about the wig. With a bright red replacement on his head, Layton took the stage at the EDC Las Vegas bus pod to give L8NCY a name and a face. He debuted his side project with a live version of "Reflection", which was distributed by Bear Gryllz's Rude Service imprint during his performance with the company.

During L8NCY's seven months, Project Layton stayed with L8NCY co-founder, producer and co-writer Brennan Loney immersed in a vibrant environment; Layton and Lonnie played Blank for the first time as L8NCY at the Ogden Theater on November 23rd. During L8NCY's transition from the studio to the stage, Layton and Lonnie did a low-key cover of Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill With Krypto" and guested on Jason Ross' "Slow It Down," released on 5 August via Ophelia Records. This single was L8NCY's third release. As it develops, the L8NCY project will incorporate elements of pop, deep house and trance, says Layton, whose involvement now is a good time to be involved in a creative enterprise poised for further success in 2023.

By Ross Goldenberg

It's not every day that three brothers can pursue the common goal of promoting dance music under one banner, but Sentinel has been doing so since the late 2010s through collaborations with third parties and prog greats like Marcus Santoro. However, 2022 was the year that started to turn for the Australian trio. After dropping two unofficial remixes for the Swedish house mafia a year ago, Sentinel suddenly found themselves on the list of the most anticipated dance spaceman IDs of 2022, when no one knew who owned the ID in question. We quickly realized that Sentinel was not only behind this, but it was surely their biggest release to date: a collaboration with Alesso, who would later be known only as You.

The production, which started with our ID list and then ended the year with our Best Tracks of 2022 list, put Sentinel in the dance music spotlight with a silver platter of nostalgic progressive house. Months after launch, Only You Sentinel reunited with Alesso for the Official Words review, doubling down on the momentum they'd been building since late March. Now it looks like Sentinel will use 2022 as a springboard to a year that will continue to reaffirm its Artist to Watch rating. They even mention it: “[We're] just getting started,” they wrote in their last Spotify post in early December.

About Jack Salafia

Although ALEKO has only released three official releases to date, they have established themselves as one of Southern California's premier young producers. The San Diego-based artist is the fifth member of the San Diego Waterboys, joining 2021 artists ISOxo and Knock2 and 2022 artists FrostTop and RemK.

Aleko dazzles in his energetic sets with his unique snare and bass style, which dance astronauts can testify to having seen him at the Knock2 ROOM202 show in Los Angeles last summer, as well as during his Nightdream stage takeover by ISOxo in Hard Summer. .

Musically, Aleko has several high-profile official remixes to his name, including the 2021 version of YTep's "Wonder" and his latest remix of Boombox Kartel's "Fatal Attraction," released last summer. He also received a pin featuring one of our artists to watch in 2022 (Rossi), who will be on our most wanted pin list for 2023.

By Ross Goldenberg

COVID-19 has slowed work on blueprints designed by many artists, but for Honeylove it was the opposite. With the pandemic putting live music on hold indefinitely, the former NCAA basketball player and US Navy sailor decided it was time for an artistic turn away from the path of R&B and hip-hop. in which he immersed himself in his favorite genre of a lifetime: house. Astronaut Dance Artists to Watch in 2022 LP Giobbi, along with several event brands, helped HoneyLuv achieve this goal with several live streams during the Covid-19 pandemic. The momentum HoneyLuv established and maintained two years ago has set the stage for 2022 appearances at Coachella's Do Lab, EDC Las Vegas, Okeechobee, Lightning in a Bottle, Beyond Wonderland, Skyline Festival, Escape Halloween, Hard Summer and even two sets in Brooklyn. . mirage And here is far from where her years end; This year also saw arguably his biggest release to date, his debut album Black Book Records 365 (Thr33 6ix 5ive). With another addition to her Insomniac Records residency on December 9, "Sway" featuring Earth Alien, HoneyLuv has what it takes to make 2023 a breakthrough.

About Alex Lambo

Anima, who put together one half of Tale of You, took Chris Vanguard under his wing in 2022, and while that alone would be enough to control Avantgarde's next step, it's not the only contributing factor. A cutting edge collaboration with Anima - "Consciousness", released on the Afterlife label - propelled his name to the forefront of the industry, and now he has a second major collaboration with Anima in the works ("Eternity", the opening track from Tell Us Ours November Printworks - Judgment). .

Thanks to the Eric Pridge remix, "Consciousness" has probably become the most popular melodic techno single in the world. Combining futuristic art with stunning prog synths, the spirit can be heard in Ibiza, Tulum, Beirut and Los Angeles. Its distribution changed the way the world viewed the Afterlife label, with "Consciousness" becoming Afterlife's most played and popular song to date.

Avantgarde has been around since 2011, but has just over 10 songs to its credit. After starting their career in the progressive house section of the festival, Avant-Garde transitioned into a later lifestyle of deep progressive and melodic techno. That number of credits grew when Avantgarde stepped out of their comfort zone in November and teamed up with Kevin de Vries for their collaborative Mind Control EP, released via Drumcode. Although Avantgarde has only released three songs in the last two years, the German DJ is looking forward to his never-before-seen collaboration with Anyma, who is surely one of the most anticipated identifications on Afterlife. Avantgarde and Anyma clearly bring out the best in each other and it's worth seeing what comes out of them together and Avantgarde separately in 2023.

About Alex Lambo

Italian hard techno DJ T78 creates some of the most intense techno sets filled with heavy drums and fast tempos. A regular at the underground techno clubs of Berlin, Cologne and Munich, T78 is a veteran of the electronic and dance music scenes and creates under various aliases, including Activator. And while T78 has been around dance circles for a while and is considered one of the leading figures in the development of hard techno in Europe, he has yet to be exposed to American audiences, which is why he is listed as an artist . Dancing Astronaut 2023.

Under their own label, Autektone promoted hard techno while retaining some of T78's original elements, allowing the genre to slowly but steadily gain momentum in Europe. Tracks on T78 showcase a heavy approach to acid techno and are supported by some of the most respected names in techno, including Carl Cox, Charlotte de Wit and Amelie Lens, who return to the T78 sound for a dramatic change in their sets .

While it's well known that techno tracks don't always fare so well on digital streaming platforms, T78's portfolio has been on the rise lately with several streams in 2021 and 2022. After spending a year in the studio producing remixes and two non-stop EPs, Retro Future is part of the reason for the buzz to be heard in 2023. Of his 2022 catalog, Marco Vee's cover of T78's "GODD" is perhaps the most popular, but volumes two and three of his Retro Future EP series emphasize their uniqueness. Consider your introduction to the word T78 as it begins to make its way across the United States.

By Rachel Narozniak

"Supah Fly is all about having a good time, no matter what anyone else thinks and being brutal as hell," Nostalgics said of the EP, which was released on November 18th via Thrive Music. But that trusting middle finger expected, Full Life also reflects the presence with which the Iranian producer approached the dance/electronic scene in 2022, a year that not only raised his profile but paved the way for his universality. In 2023, Chummy and AC Slater's "Confessions x Night Bus" anthology about working with Dr. Thrive Music and Night Bass Records: Fresh out of his house called "Ghost" to put his solo output on 2022's Nostalgics album, a good reason for inclusion on the Dance Astronaut Artist list of 2023. He brings a particular sense of sonic flair to the band, accentuated by pounding, pounding bass house sound design and cheeky hooks, often enlivened by his own vocals.

It is worth remembering that this year Nostalgics also contributed to the history of electronic music and electronic music; She was one of the few women to perform on the EDC Las Vegas Main Stage (Kinetic Field) and one of the first two women to perform on the EDC Orlando Circuitgrounds stage, which she joined on Wednesday. yield yield. . With his first headline shows in Los Angeles and San Diego in January and February 2023, and the Supah Fly Tour to boot, the coming year is already off to a strong start for the artist whose name is (and happily) becoming inescapable.

About Jack Salafia

ODEA is probably best known for his RL remix. Grimes' "I Wanna Know" and it's no wonder why; The 2019 remix has been a staple of Grimes' sets over the past few years and has even been considered the finale of many of them. Since the release of this groundbreaking remaster, ODEA Boombox Cartel have maintained their prowess by releasing a single on the Monta label and a spot on the RL Grimes Sable Valley Summer Volume 3 compilation.

2022 saw ODEA release a few originals of their own, including the underrated "Aura," but it was also a year of remixes for the Southern California native, who put his creative efforts into the official remix of Said The Sky 's "Go On". Then 'Love', Dubin's 'Forever' and William Black's 'Closed Eyes'. Although the name Odea has become synonymous with high-profile lineups - especially in 2022, when he showed his remixing skills to the highest degree - 2023 will be an important year for Odea, and you can expect his production to go beyond what was initially mature mature mature परिपक्क परिपक्क व्या व्वार प्रािन अजन

Ross Goldenberg says

জে কায়্য কায়া কেরি ক্রান জান্র ক্র্যা প্রি প্র্তি পাবাবাবাবা .. And while 2022 may mark the big launch for this project, the talent behind it is experienced. .. Maurice West clearly occupied a large part of Biggram's board in mid-2010, but when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, he found himself at a crossroads in how far he could realistically go with the project. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . His solution: make it from scratch and continue using it for underground dance music. This may seem discouraging to many, but Morris was willing to keep West on the line, as well as his publishing history, which did not negate the risk. .. The decision almost paid off, as the first track, "Drugs From Amsterdam", hit the endless seas of summer DJs, quickly becoming music's most coveted identifier before its August release. Now, as we move towards 2023, mau প্র্যান নার্ব্র বেট্র্ট্র কেকিক্ল কাজে জে মাকিক্দ্ন দাধাধাধা.


One of Chicago's hottest newcomers, Azeka, aka Ally Decastris, burst onto the techno house scene last June with the life-changing single "I've Been Waiting." .. .. After Diplo's Higher Ground label, the record became a staple in nationwide rotation. ক্র্ব্র্য ফার্র্ড্ড এক্র্দ্র ক্র্যাড্ড এক্র্য্যান নিক্র্যান কার্দা, আদ্র সেদ নিদ যো মর ক্র্রিক্র্বা. According to current stability, "The Other Side" is quickly approaching a million streams on Spotify alone.

In 2022, azzecca has proven to be a valuable techno producer, endlessly successful in demarcating song structures through genre sound design. .. .. On New Year's Eve, he will be at San Diego Petco Park on December 31st as an all-star segment for the FNGRS CRSD Proper NYE opening. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2023 will be another big success year for Dance Astronaut as it plans to expand the Women's Dirty Disco series of events to cities around the world. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Jack Salafiyar katha

निकादेमिस धीरी अधिक अधिक अधिक विश्वार विष्टी विश्वार विश्वार ।। 2021 was a great year for New York, who released official remixes for longtime illenium supporter and three singles together. .. . . . . . . .. . . . . . . And at Kayjos Records, the aforementioned illenium and Sasha Alex Sloan's remix of "u & me" headlined our 2021 Artist of the Year (illenium) sets. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 বছ্র্র বান্দ্র ব্র্দ্র ক্র্তিক ক্রি ক্রি ক্র্য্যার ক্র্যার স্র (যার স্কজ কাজে), whites, big giants and more... ................................................................... His collaborations with Vriendzone and Candice Sosa, which have already surpassed 2 million Spotify streams, have added even more impact to his catalog. . . . . . . . In the meantime, his music is also on Siriusxm bpm, with editorial support from Spotify and Apple.

Nikademis and Josh Rubin ended the year with the first release of Insomniac's Last in Next to You. At the rate the dance music industry's most respected labels and signings continue, hopefully 2023 will be a big year for new talent. ..

Ross Goldenberg says

Stmpd boss rcrds along with sentio's track list space will probably push someone towards the artist watch title... But with Martin Garrix last reboot, many fliers were on their way to that status. While doing the originals in 2018, Floyer first came to us in late 2020 when Garrix named "Calling Out" - Floyer's collaboration with Seth Hills and Lucas Ariel - as one of the 10 high-profile IDs requested. .. Your digital. tomorrow ন্ব্র্র ন্ব্র্শ্র্র প্র্কাকাসা tomorrow সেলোর দ্বারা শাস্ত্রীয় প্রশিক্ষণের মাধ্যমে স্বতন্ত্র স্বতন্ত্র বেস হাউস টোন করে করে ছোটবেলায় যন্ত্র শিখেছিলেন শিখেছিলেন), ভ্লুয়ার stmpd rclrd প্রকাশের পর থেকে থেকে "কলিং আউট" -এ নিয়মিত ছিলেন ছিলেন ছিলেন ছিলেন ছিলেন ছিলেন ছিলেন ছিলেন ছিলেন ছিলেন ছিলেন ছিলেন ছিলেন ছিলেন ছিলেন ছিলেন ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

In 2022, Vluar's light year went on: this pairing of Garrix preceded Vluar's debut, where he opened for the weekend and third with Seth Hills and Ushuaia Ibiza, where he himself opened for the Head Head label. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The latest in six quality original series starring Brooks and Mason. At the age of 24, he is doing everything in his power to promote stmpd rcrds in the house. ..

Jack Salafiyar katha

If tsu nami is still not on the radar of the audience as a person in 2023, it must be. His Spotify discography includes a few releases in 2022, including a two-watch collaboration with 2022's Star Seed ("Altra Violet"), but this year is definitely a breakthrough year for the Los Angeles-based artist... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... ....

On December 13th, he will finish the year with "If I Fall" by deadmau5 featuring MAU5trap. "When I Fall" by Tsu Nami, Ethereal (Bitbird), Mat Zo and Olan's "Colors" (Anjunabeats) প্রাদাদ্র প়াস্লি পিসি পার্ত্র প্রাক্র EP অনুস্র্র্য সান হুলা তার স্র্র্যান - Album.

Tsu live அக்கை, nami has become a favorite product of promoters around the world. Она стала постоянным участиком производители Brownie & Lemonade in Los Angelesе and выпаля рол оп открытии финалаM Teater ISOxo NIGHT On that day she says HiJinx v Filadelfii and OMFG! NYE in San Diego at the end of this year and in 2023 she will perform at ILLENIUM at The Gorge.

Slovak Alexa Lambo

Klangkunstler, perhaps the fastest-growing techno-artists from Germany in recent years. Klangkunstler, the king behind the decks and possibly the most popular artist at the famous Bootshaus night club in Cologne, Germany, really proved why he was in the vanguard of hard-tech in 2022. No 8 points from the Bootshaus classman is a time with a high BPM time and a fast time. Klangkünstler became viral on Instagram with his energetic sets and quickly made himself a headline. Кажется, не так много арститов, койтой может конкурировать с кампить головорожительным техно Клангку.

Подход Klangkunstler к техно выходит новый уровенный, previously unknown in this genre. With his own version of the hit BICEP "Glue" the German DJ presents one of the most euphoric tracks in dance music with a hard and heavy bass part. Combine the qualities of the most calm and cold sounds with the most intense in dance music. На сегодняшний день Клангкуэнстлер не отыграл много концертов в Соединенных Штатах, поэтомуон 2.

Слова Зака​​Salafii

Элитный музыкальный талант из столицы танцевальной музыки Лас-Вегаса, DRYDEN — это новый псевдоним Драйдена Брауна, который ранее выпускал музыку под псевдонимом Lemay. DRYDEN недавно выпустил свой первый официальный релиз в виде бутлег-paka Minutes Past Vol.1 , dostupnogo cherez SoundCloud. Коллекция из четырех треков включает современные из четырех треков как Sê dit reg Nie Фуртадо.

DRYDEN het 'n aanvulling op органичном звучании бас-гитары в своей музыке. В эксклюзивном интервью он сказал Dancing Astronaut , что его вдохновила музыка 80-х, в том числе легенды, на которых он вырос, такие как Майкл Джексон и Земля, Ветер и Огонь. Это ретро-влияние сочетается со сравнительно более современным чутьем, которое, по словам ДРАЙДЕН, основано на звуках «Justice» и признанного критиками продюсера Яна Киркпатрика. Но каким бы ни было вдохновение, в конце концов, музыка DRYDEN бескомпромиссно верна ему самому и является отражением того, кем он является как артист. «Я хочу построить свой собственный мир и рассказать свою историю», — утверждает он. Танцующий астронавт с нетерпением ждет возможности увидеть звуковой мир, который DRYDEN создает как Artist to Watch в 2023 году.

Слова Росса Голденберга

«Большие мелодии и массивные биты».

До июля 2022 года было практически невозможно описать подход Волари к хаус-музыке, поскольку британский дуэт даже не существовал публично. Но ее дебютный альбом «Through The Night» с Nightlapse и Натаном Николсоном, поддержанный Armada, был всем, что нужно было услышать Джону Саммиту, прежде чем принять ее как первую артистку, выпустившуюся вместе с ним на его недавно созданном лейбле Off The Grid Records. Как всем известно, когда анонимное удостоверение личности включается в список треков исполнителем года 2021 года по версии Dancing Astronaut , ничто не мешает сотням твитов, призывающих к его выпуску, неизбежно проникнуть в его уведомления в Твиттере; Именно это и произошло после того, как Summit поделился клипом, на котором он исполняет «Slow Motion» в прямом эфире из Ushuaïa Ibiza. Идентификатор того времени стал неотъемлемой частью наборов Summit по сей день. С тех пор Volaris увеличила общее количество оригинальных постановок до пяти, при этом Tygar, Take Me Under и Purple Skies отстают от флагмана Volaris Off The Grid. Инфографика дуэта Spotify Wrapped подтверждает, что за шесть месяцев они достигли большего, чем некоторые артисты могут достичь за всю жизнь. И поскольку 2022 год уже подходит к концу, само собой разумеется, что Volaris начнет новый год в полную силу, учитывая, что в настоящее время они дразнят анонсом своего самого большого шоу, парой ремиксов для «абсолютно огромного артиста» и график выпуска, упакованный в годовщину их официального основания.

Слова Алекса Ламбо

Кевин де Врис, безусловно, зарекомендовал себя как один из самых быстрорастущих исполнителей мелодичного техно. Де Врис не только спродюсировал самую популярную песню года Afterlife вне работы Anyma («Dance With Me»), но и рискнул работать с другим ведущим лейблом, Adam Beyers Drumcode. Созданный с использованием общего сплайс-семпла, Dance With Me стал одним из самых популярных мелодик-техно-треков 2022 года и стал звездой именно на Ибице, где он стал песней года Hï Ibiza. Обладание одной из самых убедительных басовых партий, которые можно услышать в современной мелодичной техно-продукции, способствовало этой интенсивной ротации как на Белом острове, так и за его пределами. Имея это в виду, неудивительно, что "Dance With Me" была подхвачена и исполнена множеством исполнителей, включая John Summit, FISHER и Tale Of Us, среди прочих. Совместный EP Кевина де Вриса и Криса Авангарда Mind Control позаимствовал совершенно другой звук у Dance With Me, привнеся в Drumcode более мрачный звук с большим акцентом на тяжелые техно-ударные после его выпуска 11 ноября.

Хотя де Врис не совсем новичок на этой сцене, он все чаще опаздывает на показы брендов и крупные шоу в качестве хедлайнеров. 1 января он отправится в Тихий океан, где впервые появится на музыкальном фестивале CRSSD Proper. Учитывая усилия де Вриса по обучению американских слушателей танцевальной и электронной музыки мелодичному техно, его артистом стоит посмотреть не только 1 января, но и в 2023 году.

Слова Зака ​​Салафии

Страйер, человек, стоящий за девизом «Волны мелодии, приливы гармонии», видел признаки раннего успеха, приливы и отливы в 2022 году, год ощутимых шагов к известности, который принес ему статус Artist to Watch 2023. Постоянно работающий на лейбле Bear Grillz's Rude Service, растущий каталог Страйера включает две коллаборации с Bear Grillz, которого Страйер считает одним из своих величайших наставников в электронной и электронной музыке. В эту пару входит «Float» с Мэг и Дайей в главных ролях, который уже набрал более 1 миллиона прослушиваний на Spotify с момента его премьеры на «Танцующем астронавте» в январе.

Страйер также заручился поддержкой уважаемых лейблов помимо Rude Service, таких как Subsidia Records и Lowly., принимая участие в живых выступлениях и радиопостановках от ILLENIUM и Excision. Вдобавок к своему растущему авторитету, продюсер из Денвера также только что закончил свое дебютное выступление в амфитеатре Red Rocks в своем родном штате Колорадо, где он недавно выступал на разогреве у Bear Grillz и DJ Diesel. Учитывая его растущее присутствие во всех аспектах музыкальной индустрии, Stryer имеет хорошие возможности для продолжения своей кампании по присвоению имен в 2023 году.

Слова Зака ​​Салафии

VILLA сочетает в себе мелодичный трэп и хард-вейв, создавая уникальный стиль. Недавно она была в Sable Valley Summer Vol.3 с «void», спродюсированным совместно с juuku, а также была выпущена на BLAQ VOID, где она представила несколько новых идентификаторов в рамках своей серии миксов SoundCloud. Что касается живых выступлений, ВИЛЛА недавно подписала контракт с агентством по бронированию United Talent Agency, которое, несомненно, обеспечит ее дальнейшие выступления в 2023 году и далее. Поклонники должны следить за тем, чтобы ВИЛЛА появлялась в большем количестве составов, и должны воспользоваться возможностью увидеть ее фирменный трэп вживую, особенно учитывая недавний всплеск интереса к трэпу со стороны таких артистов, как ISOxo, который был спровоцирован Klopf2. . Несмотря на то, что группа VILLA переехала в Лос-Анджелес совсем недавно, она уже оказала влияние на свою сцену, отчасти благодаря поддержке знаменитых промоутеров Brownies & Lemonade. Она обещает «много новой музыки», включая «несколько вещей, запланированных» до конца года. Независимо от того, когда она выпустит новую музыку, Dancing Astronaut всегда будет рядом.

Слова Росса Голденберга

Кто такие космические утки? Это то, над чем многие поклонники STMPD RCRDS — и вообще слушатели танцевальной музыки — размышляли с июля. Когда Мартин Гаррикс вернулся в Boom для своего второго слота на главной сцене Tomorrowland, он добавил на свой USB трек, которого не было в его сете во время первого производственного уик-энда фестиваля. Этот идентификатор был "паника". Хотя у нас нет прямого ответа на вопрос о том, кто стоит за космическим дуэтом — хотя почти подтверждено, что это не Гаррикс и Алессо (для тех, кто все еще находится на борту этого теоретического поезда) — это не в последнюю очередь необходимо для определения того, почему этот неуловимый существо заслуживает звания «Танцующий астронавт- художник, которого стоит посмотреть». Nach ihrem sirenenüberfluteten Debüt haben Space Ducks ihren aufkeimenden Katalog um ein Trio kostenloser Downloads erweitert, die über ihre SoundCloud verfügbar gemacht werden – einer für Sam Smith, einer für A$AP Rocky und einer für Nicki Minaj – die fortgesetzt werden um genau auszuarbeiten, was ihre Tech-House-Persönlichkeit umfassen wird, um voranzukommen. Und Dancing Astronaut begleitet die Odyssee der Space Ducks als einer der nächsten A-List-Acts von STMPD RCRDS.

Worte von Cameron DeFaria

2022 erschien die Debüt-EP Infrared des Techno-House-Produzenten Burko, die Mitte Januar über Kino Village veröffentlicht wurde. Seitdem hat der „mittelalterliche House“-DJ die Decks an einer Vielzahl angesehener Veranstaltungsorte und Musikfestivals betreut, darunter das Beach House Festival in San Diego, das Love Machine Festival, der legendäre Spin Nightclub und sogar das EDC Las Vegas. Zuletzt tat sich das aufkeimende Talent mit keinem Geringeren als Autograf und dem deutschen Singer-Songwriter Malou zusammen, um ein elektrisierendes Gemeinschaftswerk zu erschaffen, „Vertigo“, das im November über Armada Music veröffentlicht wurde.

Mit Blick auf die Zukunft plant Burko, zusammen mit dem Tanzveteranen aus Dublin, Sian, eine Reihe von Platten zu versenden. Die beiden DJs bereiten derzeit eine Reihe von „Sian & Burko“-Shows für das neue Jahr vor. Nachdem er im Jahr 2022 von angesehenen Künstlern und Musikpublikationen gleichermaßen beeindruckende Anerkennung erhalten hat, einschließlich der Unterstützung durch Spotifys Playlists „Operator“ und „Fresh Finds“, sollte Burkos Werdegang nicht übersehen werden, wenn er sich darauf vorbereitet, 2023 karriereprägende Schritte zu machen.

Worte von Rachel Narozniak

Obwohl die estnische Produzentin Dino Shadix sowohl im Titel ihres Künstlerprojekts als auch in ihrer Lil T-Rex EP, die von Disciple Round Table vertrieben wird, Bilder zum Thema Dinosaurier verwendet, hat ihr Talent nichts Prähistorisches. Shadix' scharfes Ohr für Dubstep-, Riddim- und Bass-Sound wird von einer Schar bemerkenswerter Label-Cosigns unterstützt. Bevor Dino Shadix das Lil T-Rex -Fünfpack bei Disciple Round Table platzierte, trat er auf Ophelia Records' Advent Volume 5 Compilation (mit „MAD HEADBANG“ with MADGRRL, 2022), Subsidia Records' Dusk Vol. 5 auf. 3 Compilation (mit „Hydra“, 2021) und Disciple Round Table, wo sie mit „Gloom“ (2021) debütierte. Diese Benchmarks bauen auf Shadix' Triumph bei einem Remix-Wettbewerb auf, der 2019 von Viper Recordings veranstaltet wurde, und weisen, um es klar auszudrücken, auf ihren unmissverständlichen Aufstieg im gesamten Bassspektrum hin. Getragen von originellem, einfallsreichem Sounddesign, das ebenso knackig wie Wellen schlagend ist, wird Dino Shadix' Dubstep-Fußabdruck erst 2023 weiter wachsen – beachten Sie es nicht später, sondern jetzt.

Worte von Ross Goldenberg

„Die Geschichte beginnt morgen.“

Vor genau zwei Jahren lernte die Tanzmusikwelt den Namen Grigoré kennen. In der darauffolgenden Zeit hat sich der russische Produzent zu einem der hellsten Namen auf einer umfangreichen Liste von This Never Happened-Talenten entwickelt, die den Melodic-House-Raum mit Nachdruck beherrschen. Mit bereits vier This Never Happened-EPs – Illusion , At The Edge Of The World , Nautilus und seinem November-Neuzugang It's All Fiction – stieg Grigoré schnell zum Fanfavoriten auf dem Label auf und erschien regelmäßig in den saisonalen Mixtapes von Lane 8 und kameralose Show-Tracklisten. Er hat auch außerhalb von This Never Happened eine Fülle von Musik geliefert und einen Katalog mit seinem techno-gefärbten Melodic-House-Geschmack erweitert. 2022 appeared to be year that Grigoré truly came into his own, with a total of 18 tracks cashed in across a range of EPs, one-off outings, remixes—including ones for Le Youth and OCULA—and an slot on the This Never Happened boss Reviver Remixed package just a week before his recognition as a Dancing Astronaut Artist to Watch in 2023. With support now growing beyond the This Never Happened nest to include artists like CamelPhat, Yotto, and even David Guetta, there's no reason to believe that Grigoré couldn't take the gradual next step toward the full-time touring arena in 2023.

Words by Melisa Yuriar

San Diego-based electronic dance music producer Ren Carter has an ear for sound.

Characterized by ostensibly integrated samples of natural elements and syrupy, humanizing vocals interspersed among rhythmic bass lines, the 22-year-old talent's growing discography is one to watch closely heading into 2023.

Carter originally gained notoriety online with his song “Frog,” a single that he created by sampling a TikTok of a frog croaking and building a highly-engaging, bouncy house soundscape around it. Although he continues to carve his own uniquely-flavored niche when it comes to dance music production, Carter is also notorious for his remixes. Often found blending raucous trap beats with deep, resounding tech house and drum 'n' bass elements, Carter and his song selections reflect his music style to be as winding and fluid as it is adventurous.

He documents his journey through the music industry and his daily life in a weekly vlog, taking fans along for the development of more viral dance tracks. Listeners can follow along to watch his evolution in real time amid his steady ascension in dance circles.

Words by Alex Lambeau

Although Goom Gum might be relatively unfamiliar to the American crowd, their songs have been played out across the world's biggest stages. At Ultra Miami 2022, Tale of Us headlined the Resistance Megastructure stage, where they manned what would become one of the most-talked-about performances of the week. One of the set's brightest highlights was Tale of Us' inclusion of an unknown ID that later turned out to be Goom Gum's and Stylo's “Tempter.” Arguably one of the most upbeat and energetic tracks of the performance, the ID led thousands of attendees into an uproar at the revelation of its impactful bassline.

When it comes to melodic-techno, many old-school ravers are of the opinion that this compound of “melodic” and “techno” doesn't make sense, on the basis that euphoric melodies don't fit within techno sound. While stripped-back trance (commonly used as a synonym for this melodic-techno style) could be an appropriate definition for this in-demand sound, this new Afterlife-supported style of music invokes beautiful melodies and common techno drums that would justify its classification as “melodic-techno.” Goom Gum have one of the most unique sounds within this genre and tend to lean toward the trance side of this type of sound. With their emphasis on chord progressions and heavy continuous basslines, Goom Gum are able to weave the Afterlife sound into their own upbeat, booming melodies, making for a kinetic take that's current and uniquely their own.

The Russian DJs are unsurprisingly primed for a massive 2023, and while they've yet to put out a release on the Afterlife label, their highly-anticipated ID with Argy, “Pantheon,” premiered at Tale of Us' Printworks show. Choir-like vocal roll over the ID's progressive synths, creating an entrancing atmosphere. Having already released more than 10 singles in 2022, Goom Gum are sure to be heard on the biggest stages in 2023.

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