Hands Down, These Are The Best Local Electronic Releases Of 2022

Hands Down, These Are The Best Local Electronic Releases Of 2022

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Another very special year for the electronic community comes to an end. The talent in this scene seems to grow exponentially every year, and 2022 has seen an ever-changing list of releases across many electronic sub-genres, including fun gems from our local streets, and a short list of our favourites. I'm happy to share.

Phenomena Volume 2 (album)

We are very excited about the compilation album; it's an opportunity to showcase local talent, while at the same time giving the town's best artists a chance to make more music. Co-creators of Phenomena , Norm and epic London Georgia Bird Georgia Madden and Suzanne Gurusingh released a fantastic Volume 1 last year and followed it up with Volume 2 this year.

Phenomenal Volume 2 is packed with Baby G, Pistachio, Jazz and Georgia Bird, Bertie, Monaco, Aphrodisiac, Yolks, Haifira, Sophie Forest and Arhaz and is mastered by Hafira, spanning the spectrum of club and rock music. Listen to sweet songs at your leisure at home. Hear Birds' fragmented breaks, acid and otherworldly soundscapes, warm and atmospheric synths, jungle elements and more.

Freedom and Persecution, Stockholm Syndrome (EP)

Born in Melbourne and Edinburgh, Ian Mack (aka Paige) has been producing, DJing and promoting for over two decades. Stockholm Syndrome, the former duo of Pyz and Brett Wilson (Will-Tron) and now Pyz's solo project, released a solo single this year called Liberty & Pursuit. Cardini and Perel close the golden set with their theme, and Pablo Bozzi leaves it in his Boiler Room.

The track was originally released when Pease was angry with Trump, so the track is "a protest against the filth in America at the time," Pease said. It's dark, industrial, with a live lead. Chinasky and Back from the Wave contributed to the release, with help from label head Bonnie Spacey.

MEGANESIAN_Pllaka (album)

Arguably the best rave album of the year, Magnesia's new label 0055RAVE has produced a collection of high energy danceable beats from the likes of Claire Bye, Kobar, Crime Stoppers, DJ Ali, DJ Big Guns, Eastern Distributors and DJ BEVERLY. HILL$, Feya, Obelisk. , SHUGO NOSS, SLAMROSS1000, Suspect Raver and WakeUpNeo.

Expect atmospheric and soulful echoes throughout the space of hard tech, trance, hard dance and hard tech.

Ruby May Moon, Ruby May Moments (EP)

Ruby May Moments has a unique style of electronic hip-hop rhythms and alternative RnB numbers and pop textures, recalling house party energy, energetic experimental breakbeat and space sounds.

The socks-and-sandals DJ is a fan of drumming and "the power of music to heal, to hurt, to bring people together," and it's allowed his name to evolve, experiment, and develop his own unique. sound. . Check out the Thirty-Three collection featuring Lushtronic for a warm, fuzzy, edgy and funky collection.

Strange Interactions, 5×5 (album) 

Local favorites Strange Interaction, DJ/producer duo RITA BASS and Yangos, have treated us to another fun album this year featuring talented local favorites inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer and 'survival in chaos'. It reflects what has been a very eventful year for the electronic community.

Astra, also known as Minimal Fatale, describes the release as "a story of the struggle of the mind as you wait at night for the safety of the next day," resulting in a gem born from "anxiety that turns into catharsis."

This release salute features the incredible sounds of Minimal Fatale and Selkie, Sakura Tsuruta, Tangerine and Hyfira, mixed by Finn Road and Koskun Dinsel and mastered by Other Joe. Expect lots of energy, intense passion and a great atmosphere.

Wise, Vitalism (EP)

WISER's latest two track EP with Cosku can be described as two incredible wild rides that should truly be the soundtrack to a futuristic cult film. The EP features a 21-minute adventure to help you look inward, take a moment, and "just breathe," says WISER.

The songs were created in deep isolation and created some of the "most important music" ever released. To learn more about launchers, you can check out our deep space dive story we covered a long time ago here at WISER.

Collect, option (album)


Acopia is one of the on-stage power trio of Kate Derman (Purient), Lachlan McGeehan (Liluzu) and Morgan Wright.

Chances is an eight-track album that the trio describes as an "intimate hyper-emotional dream-pop journey" with elements of electronica, ethereal ambience and tasteful trip-hop. It covers the experience of depression, the pain of separation, new love and self-love. Expect soulful tunes and beautiful vocals over soulful guitars.

Animals, Microevolution (album)


Another crazy epic project released this year is local favorite Kia. Kia frequents clubs and warehouses both here in Australia and overseas, and you'd be surprised to find a foreigner and another big fan of its intelligent exploratory sound.

Released in March, Microevolutions is curated by Sam & Jack Brickell, Dashiell, Eugene Pascal and Ebs N Flow, showcasing a wide range of local talent, sounds and atmospheric acid. British like heat

Morgan Huggins, Change (album)


Change Lovejoy is nostalgic for the pure joy of one half of a loving couple. In what Morgan describes as a "follow-up" to Anzac's latest release, 2021's Bridge Filter , Changes features two long tracks with warm, uplifting beats reminiscent of '90s UK formations with atmospheric sweetness. it feels hot internalize

It's a self-starter that we hope will be one of many to receive a response that Huggins describes as quite "overwhelming." Seeing Friends' Shazam playing the tune at a party at Huggins' house certainly added to his excitement for the release.

Coach Frank, Eternal (EP)


Coach Frank is the solo project of Bendigo-based Austrian producer and DJ Paul Coppola. Like many of this year's best releases, the mini-album was born out of the isolation caused by the pandemic and is inspired by Paul's nostalgia, euphoria and melancholy. It draws inspiration from well-known international authors such as Jacques Greene, Turist, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Prospa.

Paul said it was important to him to create a body of work rather than a series of singles, because he "wanted it to have a moment" that felt more personal than club music.

"Tell Me" is a collaboration with local talent Alice Payne, featuring soulful vocals and upbeat breaks.

Donald House, Bassian Plain and 37° S. (EP)

Donald's House, with local legends Peter and James Isaacs of Donald Street, is serving up great bread in a variety of flavors this year. Bassian Plain , released on Touch From A Distance, brings strong grooves and vibes, along with acid and progressive tracks remixed by Alex Cassian.

37° South , released by Wax'O Paradiso Recordings, is a rolling adventure of soft electric guitars and sun-kissed melodies, fueled by the earthy sounds of a sunny riverside, backed by the sounds of the forest. Look at these

Jon Jones, Hyla (EP)

John Jones is another talented local who has put on an incredible display of beauty this year. With progressive cuts and heavenly trance with acid lines, Jon Jones' Hyla EP shares a "cosmic twist" and a long but not-so-long base track, "tune your frequency and imagine."

Northern Tenderness, Hydrosphere (EP)

Previously mentioned retro beat rap electronic icon Midnight Tenderness aka Ryan Hunter has released many epic beats in the past on Why Oath, ILO, Soothsayer and Out Time Inner Space labels.

This year he brought us a powerful Balearic mini album with reggae, psychedelic and soft electronica in Wax'O Paradiso. Look for bright synths and guitars.

Marley, Mood Independent Album


Marley is well poised for future international dominance that will bring nothing but greatness with his unique and exploratory sound. Mood Independent is a fuzzy and precise adventure of house, breakbeat, nu-jazz and experimental that creates a new combination of sound.

Marley shared that Mood Independent is a fitting title for the project, also written for Melbourne's Massive Adjustment, a new step in the use of his voice. He keeps his words under wraps so as not to be moved by anything outside of him (it makes him feel quite insecure and scared at times), but the result is a release that "feels like a true expression of me and my style". ," he said.

Osmosis Jones, I'm Coming to the Vibe (Single)

This loud and powerful release from local partygoers Osmosis Jones happily mixes high-ceilinged house with stompy UKG. The former and now self-proclaimed garage junkie envisions RnB and brakes to "shred the night".

If you haven't heard this legend before and are looking for some lighter tunes, check out his upcoming 2021 release, Don't Let Love Destroy You Too .

Cooper Dodge, VA Lock Plate (Single EP)

Cooper has been a disciple and shepherd of the local minimalist and melancholic scene, regularly creating and playing delicate, abstract and hypnotic tunes with foreign artists Arapu and Suble.

Earlier this year, their sound was picked up on Lock Plate VA by Before Records with a deep, melancholic number with soothing, soothing vocals.

Price War, Morning Light and Portal (EP)

Prize Fight, Scott Irwin, hasn't held back this year, releasing two epic EPs on local community focused label Spinning Around. It's full of the introspective and extroverted sounds of Portal, full of sweet breaks and melodic experimental garage sounds for relaxed listening at home or at a party, while Morning Light has more melancholic and acidic synths and 7-bass. dancing

Francis Inferno Orchestra & Man Fantastic, Brent Lewis - 1739 (Remix)


Fantastic Man and Francis Inferno Orchestra (FIO) releases on Super Conscious Records are always ridiculously good in any form or genre. Fantastic Man continues his international production adventure in Berlin, while FIO is sending the vibe in Los Angeles, and Theo Duo collaborates with other legendary exporters from across the continent.

FIO shared that the remix was pushed during the pandemic and was ready for release, but crisis-level global events put the project on hold before Amsterdam-based Colin Wolvert aka Ray Colin was forced to use a portion of the proceeds to revive it. Funding the emergency evacuation of the Ukrainian occupation and the UN refugee agency.

The EP travels to a dreamy time abroad to create a timeless two-song jam with funk and sun-kissed percussion.

Archangel Mabel (EP)

Multi-talented local artist Mabel has created quite the show for herself this year, which we (perhaps suspiciously) believe has had a major impact on her local sonic adventure. Mebel's daring sessions of ultra-high BPMs and psychedelic elements have brought the old world era trance cycle, Earthcore and Rainbow Serpent to Gaso's weekly dancefloors on Sundays and favorite local nightclubs on Fridays and Saturdays.

Archangel is one of Mabel's releases this year, this time featuring trippy vocals and energetic psychedelic trance.

daknam, [HWR003] The Big Beat Manifesto (EP)

A producer and lover of the turbo sound, the releases released under this moniker are enjoyed by electronica fans around the world and accepted in Europe and the UK. Jungle, Techno, Footwork, Hard Drums, DNB and Breaks is the latest release from The Big Beat Manifesto, an epic six-track mini album from Happy Wax Records, nuclear hard and heavy.

The ring of Milan and the top of the Trumpet, if (какка

Talented Chinese-Indian-Australian star Milan Ring released this year with UK producer Tutor Peak, featured in DJ Mag's '12 New Artists To Listen To' issue in November, featured in Spotify editorials and adverts and on BBC Radio. 1 and Radio 6 claimed some airspace.

After Milan took over his skeleton, Tutara lent his skillful songwriting to the Peak album, crafting a complex song over a brilliant instrumental that he shared was "inspired by his lyrical content [in] a track that embodies and explores ideas of alternative paths and duality .Directs mirror images and reflections.

Children's Cassette, Turpins Falls (EP)

Cassettes for Kids, aka Zach Diegenhardt, is making the biggest of his career this year with a five-track release on Gallery Racks.

Turpins Falls is another good luck lock. Zach shares that while he wants a release that isn't so tied to the moment, he's never written music like this before, which he attributes to his constant depression and lack of mental rest. otherwise it cannot be expanded.

Jak described the release as reflecting the local context and environment at the time, EP Kinetonner जलप्रपातेर अक्त बर्ता. Expect more driving voices and energetic works, as well as nostalgic and emotional exploration.

Pretty Girl, Forever (Single) and It's Good To See You (अप्ते सिंगल ) 

Pretty Girl, aka Emilia Predebone, has had an incredible year and in the middle of the 2020 lockdown has risen from our deep conversation to national stardom, bringing her great voice and synth to the lounge dance floor. 6,000 people. ., Listen Out, Margaret Court Arena in support of Bonobo and more.

One of the hardest working producers in the scene, Forever shared a July self-release that brings an incredible energy to the dance floor with the aim of tearing at the heartstrings. In November Devon released the Steel City Dance Disc Nice to See You, a local label that unites his hometowns of Newcastle, Australia and London, England. The second release is a club track with melodic acid synths and haunting vocals that sink deeper with thrilling emotional effect.

Aldona, Morph (EP)

Aldona is another talented local artist making waves across the ocean, appearing on international favorites Panorama Bar and Deckmantel, Boiler Room and Nachtdigital, as well as the critically acclaimed Feel My Bicep series.

This year, he released his first four-song album at Morph, New York . HOMAGE delves into the soundscape of relaxation, trance, psychedelic house and techno of the 90s and early 2000s for the rave. Remix by local Marley and foreign but semi-local Alex Cassian.

Aldona shared another result of the hiatus, this release was a special focus on production while the dance floor was off limits, and she felt it was worth the wait as she felt the joy of the community responding to her music both times. local and foreign. .

Daisy Records Volume One (Compilation)

Daisy Records First Volume We wrap up this incredibly satisfying and far from exhaustive list of this year's local electronic releases with the epic Daisy Records First Volume.

The nine-song local version is surrounded by an atmospheric and experimental soundscape of downtempo, Dubai breaks, talented dark and fierce legends, Sans Merritt, Lo Flung, Liluju, Norachi, Ashin, Ashin, Lo Flung and minimalist dance. gender bands Open your Bandcamp card.

And go there and help the locals!

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