Holiday Gift Ideas From Techno Claus

Holiday Gift Ideas From Techno Claus

Techno Claus (who looks suspiciously like "Sunday Morning" reporter David Pogue) offers gifts for the work and play gadget lovers on your holiday list:

Good morning dear, let's sit down
And welcome to my visit Techno Claus!
I am here to provide high tech gift ideas
A job I've done for 14 years straight.
I love being here in your well-decorated living room.
Cheap clothes, unique accents, etc.

Mute button. CBS News

Mute button ($40)

Stupid plague has borne such fruit
"You're an idiot!"
Nothing will happen to me! Because look what I have:
If it's green, they can hear it; If it's red, you can't.
No need to worry about badges for this fun elf;
_______ I will never laugh again.

Hotdot Wireless Hand Warmers. CBS News

Hotdot Wireless Hand Warmer ($30)

I don't like these chemical hand warmers.
You use them once, then they're just a waste.
But it's electric! Reboot, see?
Both parties will prompt you to choose a name.
Winter doesn't mean "chill to the bone" anymore.
And hey, in a pinch, you can charge your phone!

Renfo Wireless Jump Cable. CBS News

Renpho Wireless Jump Rope ($26)

So what do I do during my workout? no!
It's like jumping without a rope!
Under the roof? it doesn't matter! A tight space? High hair?
You can even work while stuck in a chair!
Count your jumps on your phone or here
And if you prefer the truth , don't be afraid!

JBL Clip 4 Bluetooth Speaker. CBS News

JBL Clip 4 Bluetooth Speaker ($45)

You know who likes music while working? My fairy tale!
But ordinary speakers are lying on the shelf.
But it is clip-on portable.
For your car, desk or even your lap.
Sound and bass are excellent in size.
And it's waterproof, which was amazing!

Covobox CBS News

Covobox ($57 and up)

Previously: cable and equipment accident.
And then: I made all these abominations disappear!
right! Don't let the good looks fool you:
This is DIY storage for stacks of books.
This is not enough, they put the books
What TPA should be, now you can hide your stuff!

KJOY LED car sign. CBS News

KJOY LED Car Sign ($60)

How often, where to go,
Do you have ideas to share with the driver?
Don't be silent anymore! Paste this bluetooth screenshot,
Choose a message here and spread it!
Notice, thanks, how are you?
Or animation, it's up to you!

Therabody smart glasses. CBS News

Therabody Smart Glasses ($200)

The world, let's face it, stresses us out.
We often have headaches and sleep less.
But these things rub you in places like that
And there is heat; You can make them as hot as you want.
This app provides guidance to find your peace
And the monitor measures the drop in heart rate.
For 200 rounds, I know, it's not cheap
But who appreciates rest and sleep? 

It turns out, gentlemen: very funny.
I hope you enjoy; I have to run now!
I still use deer to begin with.
Because there is no one to fill the fuel!

The plot was developed by David Rothman. Editing: Mike Levin.

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