Holiday Gift Ideas From Techno Claus

Holiday Gift Ideas From Techno Claus

Techno Claus (who looks suspiciously like Sunday morning reporter David Pogue) has business and gift ideas for gadget lovers on their holiday lists.

Hey gentlemen, let's take a break.
Welcome to my tour, Techno Claus!
I'm here to provide high tech gift ideas
A job I've been doing for 14 years.
Nice to be in the beautifully decorated living room
Cheap clothes, indispensable accent and all.

Mute button. CBS News

Mute button ($40)

This is how the stupid epidemic paid off.
I won't do it! Because look what I have:
they can hear you when you're green; When it's red, you can't.
Don't worry about those Jolly Elf icons;
I will never _______ your ass again.

Hotdot rechargeable hand warmers. CBS News

Hotdot Rechargeable Hand Warmers ($30)

These chemical heaters do not appeal to me.
Once used, it is nothing but a waste.
But this one is electric! Refill, see?
Both sides give you warmth depending on the degree you choose.
Winter is no longer synonymous with "cold to the bone".
And hey, you can charge your phone in no time!

Renfo Wireless Connection Cable. CBS News

Renvo Wireless Jump Rope ($26)

Guess what I do for my training? no i don't!
It's like jumping rope!
Low ceilings? there is no problem! tight spaces? long hair?
You can exercise even if you are stuck in a chair!
Count your jump on your mobile phone or here
If you prefer real yarn, never fear!

JBL Clip 4 Bluetooth Speaker. CBS News

JBL Clip 4 Bluetooth Speaker ($45)

Do you know who loves music while working? My children !
But regular speakers are sitting on the shelves.
But it's portable, it's made of clips.
For your car, your workplace, even your hip.
The volume and bass are very good.
It's also water resistant, which is a good surprise!

Covobox CBS News

Covobox ($57 or up)

Front: damaged wires and gears.
And then: I lost all that dough!
Already! Don't be fooled by the beauty.
It is a handcrafted storage of several books.
If that wasn't enough, a book came to their rescue.
What could be a trash can, now you can hide your stuff!

KJOY LED car sign. CBS News

KJOY LED Car Sign ($60)

How long have you been driving somewhere?
Do you have an idea to describe the driver there?
Don't shut up! Paste this Bluetooth screenshot,
Choose a message from here, then post it!
Attention thanks how are you
Or create animations - it's all up to you!

Therabody connected glasses. CBS News

Therabody smart glasses ($200)

Let's face it, the world has us down.
We have a lot of headaches and not enough sleep.
But those things trap you in those places.
And there is a heat that you can make as hot as you like.
The app provides guidance for finding your peace.
The monitor measures the decrease in heart rate.
I know they are not cheap in 200 cheats
But who appreciates snacks and sleep? 

It is, gentlemen: a delightful blessing.
I hope you enjoy; I have to run now!
I still use it to start deer.
Because nobody makes a rechargeable chip!

The story of David Rothman. Editing: Mike Levine.

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