How To FaceTime On Android Devices

How To FaceTime On Android Devices

While Zoom has become popular across the country and around the world, FaceTime is still one of the most popular means of video chatting. But if you don't have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you might think you can't FaceTime with a friend or family member.


The good news for Android and Windows users is that you can actually join FaceTime calls even without an Apple device. Read on to find out how.

How to FaceTime with Android or PC?

The biggest limitation here is that you can't start a FaceTime call on Android or PC. You must bring an Android or Windows device (with a camera), have a good Wi-Fi connection, and make sure you have the latest version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge on your device. .

Step 1 Ask an Apple user to create a link for FaceTime

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For FaceTime, you need another person with an iPhone or iPad to start the FaceTime call. They may then send you a link to join, which you can do in your browser (using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge). Here's how the Apple user you use for FaceTime creates the link:

Make sure you have iOS 15 or later (required, if not, update the firmware) or macOS Monterey.

Open the FaceTime app (this is different from the phone app)

Click Create link

You can click Add Name to name the call or meeting.

You can then send the link to someone with an Android or Windows device, or send it through another app like Mail

You can also copy the link and send it to another location

Step 2 Join the FaceTime call from your Android or Windows device

After someone you know creates a link using your Apple device, they can share it with you via text message, email, or other means.

Make sure you have the latest version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge installed on your device

About FaceTime Click a link sent to you by an Apple user

Enter your name and click Next

Your device may ask for permission to use the camera and microphone (you must allow this).

Select Join and an Apple user will join you in the FaceTime call

When you're done, press the Exit button to end the FaceTime call on your end

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