How Your IPhone Or Android Can Protect Your Children 24/7

How Your IPhone Or Android Can Protect Your Children 24/7

Children turn to technology at an early age; However, big tech companies like Apple and Google are constantly improving their child safety measures, which is good news for parents.

Apple has Family Sharing that allows parents to create a family group and add up to 5 family members using Apple devices.

Once you create a group, you can set up parental controls that include controls such as monitoring screen time for all children in the group and the Ask to Buy feature, which requires parental permission to purchase or download apps.

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Once you create a Family Sharing account and create child accounts for your children, you can enable various parental controls on their Apple devices.

Like the iPhone plan, Android also has a family group feature that allows the family manager to add up to five people. The only caveat is that a family member must be over the age of 13 to be added to the group. Children under 12 can only be added if the family group admin creates a Google Account for them. This can be done when setting up your child's Android device.


Settings may vary by Android phone manufacturer.

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