Listen To Ataxia's 'Techno Punks' Playlist

Listen To Ataxia's 'Techno Punks' Playlist

What are the ideas behind your debut album, Out Of Step, and what is it like when you release it?

The inspiration came from the stones of our upbringing, punk and rave. Less direct musical influences, more cultural reflection on our experience in Detroit. If you grew up around the shows and parties here, there was a cult essence that permeated the different 'genres', in Detroit, especially in the 90s and early 2000s, it was the underground. - so the nature of the album is imbued with this worship mentality... imperfections interwoven with hints of hope.

You're just as likely to go to a suicide car show as you are to Plastikman or Slum Village. Crossing over here was the city's fascination with the suburban set that flocks to the city every weekend for shows.

When DJ Tennis signed our album to Life and Death, we had a friendship of over ten years based on our mutual love and affection for punk and old school ballads. This album is something of a continuation of that energy, bringing the Breakaway influence to the forefront of the project. It is a catharsis that reaches its maximum there... The process seemed endless, but it was a great inspiration to push this project further into the quagmire of the world.

The recording features collaborations with fellow Detroit group DJ Minx, Andrés and Mr. Joshooa - What was it like working with these artists?

At the risk of kissing your ass (which is highly undesirable), these are some of the nicest, nicest, and hardest people to work with in the game. The reason so many people love them is because their talent is supported by a smile and lots of love. Detroiter struck differently.

We will be forever grateful to Jennifer (Minx), Dez (Andres) and Josh (Mr. Joshua) for helping us add their flavors to the album. It's great that people who are heroic to us in so many ways are with us in the middle of our first film. Hats off to them, it's such an honor to stand with these amazing people in our discography.

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What do you think defines "techno punk"?

Someone who is willing to experiment with bullying machines while publicly risking failure and making all bullies transparent, regardless of how they are received.

compose music for the sake of the music and the listener; Instead of doing it for what it would do in your career.

Having values ​​that challenge conventional wisdom and the desire to be an exception.

Can you tell us something about your playlist?

The playlist consists largely of people we know personally from Detroit and Michigan whose work reflects punk values ​​and, in many cases, are themselves members of the punk and hardcore scene. Of course, there are other people here who are known to hit the mark, so to speak…

From the pure rebel vibes of Underground Resistance and Dave Clarke, to the electro synths of Jimmy Edgard, the great giants of electro-punk, hip Detroit producers like ADMN and KeThu, to the big names of punk fans like DJ T -1000, Bileebob, Lauren Cattan. Of course DJ Tennis ("Repeater" ffs is someone we're looking for)... He along with a nice group of people make sure we don't care, everyone is just happy making music and playing and doing it. Your way without compromise.

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"Out Of Step" is available now on Life & Death, download here

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