Penta Esports Announces ‘Penta Pro Series Valorant A Riot Games VCT Off//Season Official Event

Penta Esports Announces ‘Penta Pro Series  Valorant A Riot Games VCT Off//Season Official Event

Six teams from India and one team each from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka will participate in the qualifying tournaments.
2 teams from South Asia and 2 invited teams from Southeast Asia will participate in the playoff stage in the final.

Gaming and sports company Penta Esports has announced the release of its new IP Penta Pro Series. The tournament is an official Riot Games VCT Off//Season Event and has a $30,000 prize pool.

Starting from December 12, 8 teams from South Asia (6 from India and one each from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka) will participate in two qualifying formats until December 18. The two teams that qualify for the playoffs will join the two teams from Southeast Asia in the finals. The finals will be held from December 21 to 24. From December 21 to 23, 4 teams will play in the round robin, and on December 24, the top 2 teams in the round robin will play in the grand final.

8 teams from South Asia were invited to the tournament: Indian Speedplay, One Chance, Revenant eSports, Gods Reign, Wide Swing and Reckoning Esports. Exceleli Esports and Vorpal Swords will join from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka respectively. Two teams from Southeast Asia were invited to the finals: Boom Esports from Indonesia and Blood Esports from Singapore.

Anurag Kurana, CEO & Founder, Penta Esports said, "Penta Pro Series - Valorant" will cross geographical boundaries and give Indian players an opportunity to compete against international teams. It will be a great way to end the year on a high note for players and fans alike! I want to thank Riot Games for giving me the opportunity to host an off-season CSO event."

All matches will be streamed exclusively on Penta eSports official Facebook page, YouTube, Twitch, Penta eSports Loco channel in English and Hindi.

All tournament details are available on the Pentaesports platform at The platform provides access to everything on Penta, including match tables, match results, tournament and league videos, content, news, announcements and more.

Founded by industry veterans Anurag Kurana, Kiran Nujibail, Akshay Paul and Krishanu Gosal, Penta eSports aims to disrupt the Indian ecosystem with a holistic approach to the sector, including leagues, tournaments, content and more.

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