Techno Titan Richie Hawtin On Bringing The Noise For Prada

Techno Titan Richie Hawtin On Bringing The Noise For Prada

Sorry for the fanboying, but tonight is my first time hearing you live after a night at Pure , probably around 94 ...

One was clean. And the name says it all. The 90s were empty. no noise, no money, if you wanted to go out and like techno music, then he got you. So should the beauty of the dance floor. Strange people meet and connect here. It can be a powerful experience.

How did you find the place?

It was the late 80s and I was in Canada, outside Detroit. When I was 14, 15, I went to concerts in the city and then I discovered techno and some incredible dance places. I discovered music through Detroit radio and started looking for record stores and clubs. I was a nerdy, withdrawn, music-and-computers kid, and then I found my freedom on dance floors and with a lot of other nerds like me.

Of course, the scene was so believable that it was soon covered up and commercialized. How do you read culture today?

I find it very interesting how welcoming and safe the dance floor was in the 90s and how we've lost that as we've grown up. But now there is a revival and a new generation coming to make the dance floor a place of unity and a safe space for all... Music should be a way of happiness and salvation.

So, you are not only the leader of the party, but also prepare the organization. What is the program?

This is the third Prada Extends and the idea is that each night reflects the culture and scene of its country. So here in Miami we want to explore and celebrate some of our Latin roots and get some Miami hot on the pot. It will be a night of techno, house, vocals and minimal beats... and going back to the power of the dance floor, I think that music and fashion speak different languages ​​but have a common mission, mediate for them. All of you. A way to express who we are and what we want to be.


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