Techno Titan Richie Hawtin On Bringing The Noise For Prada

Techno Titan Richie Hawtin On Bringing The Noise For Prada

Sorry for the prejudice, but this is the first time I've heard you live since tonight, Pure , probably somewhere in 94...

It was clean! The name speaks for itself. Only the 90s were pure; There was no sound, no money, if you wanted to go to a party and you liked techno music, you were there. And this is the beauty of the dance floor, no, the full sense of what it should be. Here you meet like-minded people and become close. This can be a powerful experience.

How did you land in the first place?

It was in the late 80s, I was in Canada, I encountered Detroit. So when I was 14, 15, I was going to the city to do shows, and then I discovered techno and amazing dance floors. I discovered music on Detroit radio and started exploring record stores and clubs. I was a nerdy and intelligent kid who loved music and computers and found my freedom on the dance floor and many nerds like me.

The show was so exciting that it naturally soon moved from underground to upmarket. How do you read culture today?

I think one thing that's really cool is how comfortable and safe the dance floor was in the 90s and how it's one of the things we've lost as it's gotten bigger and bigger. But now there is such a renaissance and a new generation is coming, which makes the dance floor a meeting place again and a comfortable place for everyone... Music should be a source of joy and a way of escape.

So, in addition to the name of the next part, you will also prepare the composition. What is the plan?

Well, this is the third Prada extension and the idea is that each night reflects the local culture and environment. So we want to explore and celebrate some Latino roots here in Miami and consider the melting pot that is Miami. It will be a night of techno, house, acoustic and minimal beats... Back to the energy of the dance floor, I believe that music and fashion have a common mission here - albeit in a different language - to give each a way to express who we are and who we want to be.

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