Best Soulslike Games On Android In 2023

Best Soulslike Games On Android In 2023

Software's Dark Souls has spawned several mobile games inspired by the famous role-playing game known as Souls-like. Imitating the dark and gritty tone and impressive battles of the Souls series is no easy task, especially with a small budget and a small team, but the best Android phones have made great strides in creating the best Android games. And because AP loves a challenge, we've rounded up our favorite mobile games like Souls so everyone can join in on the fun.

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1 dead cells

Dead Cell is a procedurally generated 2D platformer where you play as a warrior exploring dungeons. Well, technically you're a reanimated corpse after a failed science experiment, but that's neither here nor there. In terms of gameplay, you can alternate between 2D platforming and light combat. Research is rewarded with money and new weapons to fight formidable enemies. The game positions itself as a "Roguevania" with map exploration as an integral part, but takes place in a procedurally generated setting that changes upon death. If you're a fan of procedurally generated racing and punishing challenges, we highly recommend Dead Cells.

2 Animus: Revenant

Undoubtedly an ambitious title, Animus: Revenant lets you save the world in a linear adventure in a 3D isometric world. Dark Souls' impact is felt almost immediately upon entering combat, doing its job well by encouraging different combat strategies such as parrying, dealing, blocking and attacking with different weapons. The game is not hack and slash, which is quite clear from the slow motion and disarming camera angles. War is based on slow and methodical attacks rather than direct attacks. Graphically, the game isn't amazing, but a lower resolution can result in a higher frame rate. That's what the original Dark Souls really had. Make sure you bring a durable device; This is a demanding game.

3 Ronin: The Last Samurai

Our first foray into the samurai theme, Ronin: The Last Samurai puts you in control of a katana-wielding warrior who battles multiple enemies in level-based waves. The combat seems very Sekiro inspired, with a strong emphasis on an aggressive yet cautious approach to combat. Combat uses touch controls to strike, block, parry, and activate special attacks, all of which are very responsive and look great paired with the game's art style. The movement mechanics are not very good; Your character moves very slowly around the arena, giving the archers plenty of time to train. A simple game, but still a great pastime for fans of Nioh and Sekiro.

4 Pascal's pledge

Pascal's Wager, a popular game on the Play Store, is exactly what you'd expect from a product like Soul on the Android platform. Set in a dark western fantasy setting, a lovable character named "Trance" will travel through a hostile environment collecting items, talking to NPCs, and killing anyone who tries to kill you. The interface is well designed, with plenty of action buttons and a joystick for movement. Give it a chance; This one offers something special.

5 Shadows of Death: Offline Game

Shadow of Death, one of the best examples of 2D shooters, puts you in control of one of four warriors in a world of silhouetted enemy creatures that are hungry for the kill. Each avatar offers different abilities and play styles, reminiscent of the building concept from the Souls series. Battles against creatively designed enemies take place in wave-based levels that are predictably dynamic and stylish, with new abilities and useful items unlocked as you play. The lack of research is noticeable, but that's probably a limitation of the art style. Any exploration of the silhouette environment will be visually confusing. While it won't win any awards for art design, Shadow of Death's combat is elegant to look at and enjoyable to control, eliminating the Devil May Cry and Souls-esque itch.

6 ways to get revenge

Interestingly, Way of Retribution uses a format similar to 3D Souls, placing you in an area full of enemies to kill a boss, but turns it into an MMORPG style game aesthetically reminiscent of Neverwinter. At the start, there are several starting classes, each with different combat specialties. Combat works as expected, you block enemies and press icons for specific attacks. The great thing about this game is that you can't fight the boss whenever you want; The first level requires you to complete several tasks that mimic the linearity of quests seen in the best MMORPGs. A rare type of thing for Souls, but definitely a unique mix of ideas that make the game interesting. It's a quick download, so check it out.

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Watcher Chronicles, without wasting time, positions itself as something like 2D Souls, crafting swords and armor in distant dungeons. The gameplay is similar to Blasphemy, with a cleaner art style and less gray visual design. Combat is fluid and allows you to dodge, block, and fight from a distance to aid in the mission. While the cartoony art style can be a bit odd, it picks up pretty quickly and reveals some truly exceptional enemy designs that reflect the core themes of Watcher Chronicles. The difficulty is well balanced, the weapons are satisfying, the bosses are great, and the game actively encourages you to experiment with different play styles, as the best RPGs do.

8 Dark Valor

Like its predecessor, Grimvalor is a 2D Souls-esque game that focuses on platforming and evasive combat. One big difference is that Grimvalor removes the camera, giving you more of an overview of your environment, which is good news given the focus on the sharpness tool. They give you a double jump and an amazing level dash that works well in combat. Enemies clearly signal their attacks, but not enough to make it any easier. There is a reasonable difficulty curve if the basics are well learned and practiced before any real problem arises. Despite its aggressive linearity and sometimes visually overwhelming gameplay, Grimvalor plays beautifully and feels right at home.

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This concludes the collection of games inspired by the Souls series. I hope something here caught your attention and made you want to play some great Metroidvania games. There's no shortage of these games on the Play Store right now, so feel free to make some recommendations for the next update. Want to enjoy dynamic real-time battles like never before? Don't sleep on these revolutionary Android controllers. Be alert, explore and test your strength. And try not to die.

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