How To Extend Your Android Phone's Ring Time

How To Extend Your Android Phone's Ring Time
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An Android smartphone is basically a small computer that fits in your pocket, and like any other computer, you can adjust some of its settings to suit your needs. One feature that can be configured is the ring duration, which indicates the number of times the phone rings before the caller is sent to voicemail. In some cases, the call time can be so short that there is a huge scramble to answer the phone before the voicemail starts. On the other hand, some Android phones can be set to ring multiple times, forcing the caller to hang up for a long time before leaving the voicemail.

If your carrier has enabled this feature, you can change the alarm time on your Android phone, but the process may require some trial and error. If you're lucky, your wireless carrier will change the call duration as needed, so all you have to do is call support.

For everyone else, depending on the phone model and carrier network, the process involves entering stars, pound signs, and numbers into the dial and hoping for one of those. Unfortunately, in some cases, it may not be possible to determine the call time due to limitations of your wireless carrier.

Contact your wireless service provider for instructions.

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If you want to set call times, you should visit your wireless carrier's support site or contact their customer service department to see if there is a less obvious way to set call times. In some cases, the operator may not allow users to adjust the talk time.

For example, a Verizon Wireless support person posted on the company's forums says that the carrier's phones are "ready to answer in 30 seconds" and unfortunately, this cannot be changed. . Another employee, when asked about the problem, said that while Verizon support agents used to be able to change call times, they no longer could.

As a Verizon support agent, users can manually direct callers to voicemail if they don't want their phone to ring for the full 30 seconds. However, this is not very useful when the user cannot hold the phone. The good news is that some major carriers allow users to customize this setting, so if Verizon's limit is a sticking point for you, consider whether having access to this feature is important enough to port your number to the carrier.

Check the voicemail settings on your wireless account.

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Call duration defines how long a caller can ring your phone before being transferred to voicemail. Therefore, some wireless service providers allow you to change the duration in the voicemail settings. This usually involves logging into your wireless account using the desktop website, but some providers offer access to full account settings in a mobile app. Other service providers offer special voicemail software with access to certain features such as message transcription and call duration.

This process is very similar to how users set up call times before activating voicemail with digital phone service (not to be confused with wireless service). AT&T, for example, is one of the leading carriers that allows users to change the ring time of their digital phone service, according to a document posted on the AT&T support website. The carrier, surprisingly, doesn't offer such easy access to mobile phone customers, but that doesn't mean they're out of luck.

Change your phone settings with the dialer app

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The last way to change your phone's ring time involves making a call, entering a series of numbers and symbols called a hash code or GSM code, and waiting for the setting to update. This is the same method used to access the hidden menu on Samsung devices, for example. In a post on the carrier's forums, an AT&T support agent posted a step-by-step process for the company's customers to use to change calling hours. However, even if you are not an AT&T customer, you can try the following steps as they may work for you.

  1. Open the Phone app on your Android phone.
  2. Tap the keyboard icon to open the number.
  3. Enter the code * # 61 # and press the call button.

After a few seconds, a message should appear on the screen with your phone's forwarding settings, including forwarding to voicemail. Find and enter the 11-digit number after the voicemail line, then close the prompt and do the following.

  1. Bookmark **61*
  2. Enter the 11-digit number you took from the notification without leaving any blank spaces.
  3. Enter *11*XYZ# without a space, replacing "XYZ" with a number between 5 and 30 to indicate how many seconds your phone should ring.
  4. Tap the call button.
  5. Restart your phone to apply the changes.

If your voicemail request says "not received" instead of a number, but voicemail is enabled, you should try using the 11-digit code provided by other Android users online with the same carrier and phone model with success. For example, many Android users are reporting success using **61*13065206245**30# provided by YouTube AmZiel.

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