Oppo Find N2 Review: A Creaseless Wonder

Oppo Find N2 Review: A Creaseless Wonder

Moreover, Oppo doubles down on the category of compact and stylish phones with foldable OLED screens. first of all

It was the thinnest, lightest and most compact vertical foldable phone ever, but Oppo managed to improve the design of the Find N2 without any visible hinge gaps.

The new foldable device is more compact, faster and thinner than its predecessor, with a foldable screen, if such a feat were ever possible, and it seems to solve a major existing problem with foldable phones and their camera hardware. Has Oppo managed to make foldable phones perfect as everyday drivers? Let's go inside…

Find the design and screen of the Oppo N2

Also has the best performance in fine folds
The second iteration of Oppo's Flexion Hinge has 38 fewer moving parts than the original and looks much better on the main screen, while the folding screen hinge at the top allows it to be 67% more smaller than the Find N. Truly a non-foldable wrinkle compared to what Samsung can achieve Bend the thigh gap and deep Z4 crease.

The hinge allows for infinite positioning in the range of 45-125 degrees so you can use the N2 in the position that best suits your purpose, whether it's tent-sized, screen-sized dish or anything in between. Thanks to the free-form positioning of the N2, the flexible hinge lasts 400,000 FDA-certified opening and closing sessions. TUV for durability.

The Find N2 looks quite compact for a phone with a foldable screen, and our green unit has a two-piece protective case for each half of the phone, adding extra thickness to the whole thing. There is also a white model and an exclusive black leather version which means business.

Screen quality

The 7.1-inch main screen has all the modern high-quality screen hardware such as 1920 x 1792 HD resolution, dynamic refresh rate from 1Hz to 120Hz depending on the content displayed, wide coverage of the color spectrum, an HDR10 certification and a high 1550 nits. Brightness is clarity, it works.

The 5.54-inch external display delivers those feats too, while delivering a consistently high refresh rate and Oppo is quick to point out that it looks smaller than the Z Fold 4's 6.2-inch panel, which has a larger aspect ratio. The aspect ratio is high and it's more comfortable to type on than Samsung's longer screen. Additionally, the 120Hz display has a very high brightness of 1350 nits, because Oppo knows you can use it for quick viewing outdoors and on the go. Instead of a large indoor screen.

As you can see from our PhoneArena display benchmarks, the main screen displays exceptional image quality. It's one of the shiniest phones around, and not just flip phones, so we used it comfortably on the beach in glorious sunshine.

Factory calibration per unit unique to Oppo is available on the Find 2, making it one of the most reliable color phone screens, with perfect white balance against elusive benchmarks. So look for an OLED panel jockey like Samsung. In short, congratulations Oppo, you have achieved the best folding smartphone screen of all time with the Find N2!

Find Oppo N2 camera and video quality

Oppo has addressed a major complaint about foldable phones and their camera setup. Bendy phones with periscope zoom are rare because these components are expensive even when you buy them in bulk, and because the folding ones are usually thinner than your average phone and don't take up as much space.

Oppo solves this problem by equipping the Find N2 with high-quality camera sensors, including a Sony IMX709 32MP 1/2.74" sensor with ƒ/2.0 range for 2x telephoto." IMX709 is a solution developed by OPPO . It is made by Sony devices. This advanced telephoto lens uses a next-generation RGBW sensor, enhanced light-gathering capabilities, and 4-in-1 pixels to improve light sensitivity by 60% and reduce noise by 35% compared to traditional pixel formats .

The 50MP 1/1.56" Sony IMX890 main sensor is no less impressive with available per-pixel omnidirectional focusing and OIS. Finally, the 48MP ultra-wide camera features a Sony IMX581 1 sensor. /2" and can be used for both macro and shots.

Well, we've tested the Find N2's camera and are happy to report a huge leap in image quality over its predecessor, whichever mode you choose. Dynamic range is better, there's more detail, colors match the scene very well, and photos and videos only come out in low ambient light, like most phone cameras.

Find Oppo N2 Performance and Firmware

Powered by an overclocked Snapdragon 8 Gen 1+ processor fairly typical of a gaming phone, the Find N2 is on par with the fastest foldables, while 12GB/256GB or 16GB/512GB storage configurations guarantee that you will never run out of energy. Don't feel the number of applications you open at the same time to enjoy the large home screen.

The Oppo offers few interface features for split-screen multitasking using the large main panel, and typing on the external on-screen keyboard is a relative joy compared to other foldable phone counterparts with tall, narrow screens.

Find Oppo N2 battery life and charge

The 4,520mAh battery can be charged in 42 minutes and reaches 37% in just 10 minutes, as the phone comes with the company's powerful 67W SuperVOOC charger. It's not the fastest charging, but it's better than Samsung's, and we're still spoiled for Oppo and OnePlus when it comes to super-fast charging.

Charging speed is still not 100 watts The OnePlus 11 offers 240W charging, a record for Oppo, but since the Find N2 charges faster than its main rival, Samsung's Z Fold 4, and delivers the same amount per charge, we can complain about the management not . Made with such a thin, light and compact foldable.

Unfortunately, like most of Samsung's foldable devices, the Find N2's battery life took a hit when we played some of its pre-installed racing or shooting games. Watching 3D on a big home screen is quite a challenge, so don't expect it to be. More than 5 hours of gaming session when folded.


Despite its slim body and premium design, the Oppo Find N was very affordable for a foldable phone at launch, and the Find N2 is no exception at $1,150 for the 256GB model and $1,290 for the 512 GB.

Oppo doesn't charge extra for the new Flexion hinge, which has a thinner and lighter body, nearly invisible wrinkles, or a faster processor and improved camera.

In fact, the Find N2 is now the best phone you can buy with a vertically folding screen, and not just because of its price. The more expensive Galaxy Z Fold 4 - its main competitor - is also stiffer and less comfortable to use, as well as less aesthetically pleasing, with a gap between the hinge and the main panel crease that's two generations behind the job. from Oppo.

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