Serangoon Coffee Shop Does Technomusic & Loud Singing For CNY Event, Police Investigating

Serangoon Coffee Shop Does Technomusic & Loud Singing For CNY Event, Police Investigating

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A Lunar New Year ceremony at a cafe in Serangoon near the residential area caused a lot of noise during the night.

This caused a resident to call the police for help.

Chinese New Year Ceremony

Shin Min Daily News reported that an extremely large incident occurred on January 16 at a coffee shop located at Block 261 Serangoon Central Drive.

A week before Chinese New Year, the area is decorated with bright lights and red lanterns.

However, the residents were greeted with great noise from the event.

A resident named Guan told Xin Min that the noise from the cafeteria was loud that night.

He said he believed it had to do with Chinese New Year celebrations and even invited two women on stage to perform and sing until 10.30pm.

As seen in the video shot by Shin Min , the cafeteria and its surroundings seem to be full of people.

Guan said he could hear the noise even with the doors and windows closed.

Since her daughter had school the next day, she decided to call the police.

The explosion of techno music

Another resident told Shin Min that there was music that shook the walls and floor of his house that night.

Three speakers played music simultaneously in the cafe.

He said it was so loud he could hear it on the way home.

Another resident added that the noise canceling headphones did not work.

A loud explosion Monday night forced a resident with an eight-month-old baby to stay outside after 9 p.m., another resident shared with Shin Min .

According to one of the neighbors, the police arrived around 20:00 and the music was turned off around 21:00.

police statement

In response to inquiries from Mothership , the Singapore Police said they received a call for help at Block 261 Serangoon Central Drive on January 16 at around 7.50pm.

The two men, aged 27 and 50 respectively, are currently co-operating in an investigation into providing public entertainment without a valid licence.

The police investigation continues.

Photo by Pan Fengguan via Shin Min Daily News


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