The Best Minecraft Seeds 2023

The Best Minecraft Seeds 2023

The best Minecraft races meet different requirements, such as a fort near a town to run fast, build beautiful landscapes or different structures to loot. These seeds are the code Minecraft uses to create worlds for you, so you can build the same worlds over and over again, even if new worlds are randomly generated.

Of course, you can let your world generation get lucky, but if not, you could spend hours searching for ancient Minecraft cities, desert temples, your favorite Minecraft biomes, and other desirable features. More than a decade later, Minecraft is still one of the best PC games, so if you don't want to waste your time on weeds, we recommend making a beeline for the beautiful landscape of Minecraft Village for maximum enjoyment. 'Experience is possible. Here are some of the best Minecraft seeds for January 2023. Read on if you need help getting these seeds into the game.

To help, we've put the latest working versions of each race after the race code. Before entering the game and setting up your new world, you will need to set your Minecraft launcher to the version listed for proper results.

Here's our pick of the best Minecraft seeds for 2023

Minecraft Christmas seeds - 5488656216511509290: sun rays pour over snow-topped mountains and a frozen lake

Winter garden

  • Breed : 5488656216511509290
  • Version: 1.19
  • Highlights: Snow biome , post and loot village, and igloo near the spawn.

It's still winter in the Northern Hemisphere, so while you may not be looking for a Minecraft Christmas guide, this winter wonderland is just perfect for the season, with endless snow and ice all around you. Climb the mountain next to you and descend into the rock cave to grow, or you can build a party town or frozen castle on a frozen lake. There are also many strange structures near the eggs that will help you find important loot in the early days.

Best Minecraft 1.20 seeds: a desert village with camels and badlands on the horizon

Ride a camel in this Minecraft 1.20 mod

  • Race: 2689156606574652174
  • Version: 1.20

It's too early to start thinking about seeds like camels, bamboo sticks and more in Minecraft 1.20 images before the release date. You can start testing its features earlier this year. Not only will you find this race next to a destroyed portal and in a beautiful badlands biome, but you'll also find an empty village just a short walk from the egg. Make sure to activate the Trial Feature Data Pack and the city will have some cool Minecraft camels that are perfect for exploring the vast desert and treacherous terrain around you.

Best Minecraft seeds: An infinitely long mineshafts sprawls east and west under a lush cave

My shaft is endless

  • Race: 107038380838084
  • Version: 1.19
  • Features: Long and endless mining pits!

This is really crazy. Jump into this race and go underground at z:0.0 (by the way, equip yourself with some requisite weapons and armor) and you'll find a long mine shaft that forms the entire x-axis of the world. Next to the egg, it opens in a lush cave, so your path will be lit by berries. Consider all of my precious chests you'll find... Thanks to u/Cynix747 for sharing this amazing find on reddit. Our only advice: try not to lose.

Best Minecraft seeds: a chicken in a suit standing outside an Illager tower on a beach.

Mangroves and outlets

  • Race : 3546842701776989958
  • Version : 1.19

Entering this flagship in Minecraft & Chill will transport you to Elgar's style near the beach. There are shipwrecks, desert pyramids and a nearby village, but there is also a vast mangrove swamp to explore, perfect for spotting mangrove frogs. This world appears in the Bedrock version, so some structures may be slightly different or completely missing in the Java version.

Best Minecraft seeds: a spire in the middle of the water, surrounded by a swamp and desert. A desert is in the background and the badlands are in the distance.

Choose a monolithic petrol desert

  • Breed : 416469024
  • Version : 1.19

At first, this Minecraft seed revealed by Gaspoweredpick looks simple except for the mangrove swamp you create. But, if you climb a tree, you will get a stunning peak. This area is an interesting focal point as the surrounding desert has plenty to explore, including a deserted village and the Badlands biome.

Minecraft Seeds Coastal village: a village near ocean ruins and a ruined portal

Coastal city

  • Race : -7783854906403730143
  • Version: 1.18

This Minecraft 1.18 seed takes you to a rocky plain near a big city. Some spectacular mountains are in the distance, and across the water is another village built into the cliffs, the perfect setting for sea adventures. Even better, there's a broken portal and a sea terrace nearby, both of which contain valuable loot. This is a great minecraft survival seed for exploring caves and cliffs updates.

Minecraft Seeds: A mooshroom mob on the mushroom fields biome

Mushroom Garden

  • Breed : 859337968100847433
  • Version: 1.18

After being born on a sandy beach, turn around and head out to sea to find a bridal paradise filled with beautiful brides. Sometimes watch your step as rare mushrooms open up in larger valleys, but they are also a great place to build an awesome valley base, especially since the grooms area protects you from hordes of enemies.

Best Minecraft seeds: a woodland mansion on the banks of a river in Minecraft, opposite a lush cave

Woodland Mansion and Lush Caves

  • Race : 2377611421072266823
  • Version: 1.18
  • Coordinates: x=487, z=492

When you plant this seed, instead of going overboard, cross the river at the fork above and you will find a forest palace by the river.

There is a cave on the hill on the opposite bank; Inside, it opens up into a large, lush cavern with dripping caves to the sides. There are plenty of other lush caves to explore in the area, but you'll have to do a little digging to find them.

Best Minecraft seeds: a Minecraft lush cave seed with pools of water and a mineshaft

Beautiful lush caves and exposed mine shafts

  • Race : -1898624505743265221
  • Version: 1.18
  • Coordinates: x=2890, y=47, z=2200

While this incredible cave found by u/sushidai on Reddit is far from the original spawn point, it's worth a detour.

Chained to the top of a mine shaft on the roof and made your way into a massive cavern, vast expanses of caverns open up beneath you and are the ideal setting for an underground metropolis. Not to mention all the valuable loot you can find in the Mineshaft.

Best Minecraft seeds: a Minecraft 1.18 village built into a tall rocky island

Permanent village on the island

Race : -6537256334104833826
Version: 1.18
Coordinates: x=-416, z=128

Discovered by u/szmirli on reddit, you can find this unique town on the west side of your spawn island. These tough villagers built their homes around cliffs overlooking the sea, with gates on either side, high-rise buildings, and farms hewn into the cliff edges. Although it looks beautiful, it takes time to climb this crazy precipitous island.

Best Minecraft seeds: a Minecraft village in a taiga biome with a few houses on a snowy mountain plateau

Korra City

Breed : 7492140738558
Version: 1.17

Featured in a video by YouTuber Mazbro, this taiga boy owns several villages in the vicinity, including a mountaintop village perched on a mountainside. There are also many beautiful building opportunities along the coast.

Best Minecraft seeds: a Minecraft seed with four biomes in close proximity

Biome Group

Race : -2268290183235354767
Version: 1.17

This seed spawns in a jungle biome, near a mushroom field surrounded by desert, then turns into a beautiful dark land. Oh, and there's a frozen ocean biome in the mix – we only encountered one polar bear on our journey while admiring the colorful surroundings. We thank the intrepid explorer YouTube Avomans for discovering this breed.

Minecraft seeds: the classic Minecraft title screen

Minecraft title screen

Race : 2151901553968352745
Version: Beta 1.7.3
Coordinates: x=61.48, y=75, z=-68.73

For years, an image of the Minecraft title screen eluded seekers trying to find it until it was revealed that someone had found the original Minecraft title screen. The title screen location is confirmed to be correct; You can see this important find in the video above with the exact coordinates and seed code, which you should see by now in the hidden Minecraft main view. If that doesn't work you can use this seed as two jobs: 8091867987493326313.

How to install Minecraft in a specific race

Most of these seeds are installable in the Java and Bedrock editions and thanks to the similarity of the seeds, they will give you the same results as long as you play on version 1.18.

How to install seeds in Minecraft Java Edition:

  • Select Solo from the main menu
  • Click Create New World
  • Name your world and choose your game mode and difficulty
  • Choose the other world option
  • Enter the seeds
  • Choose other important options such as utility packs
  • Click Create New World

How to enter a seed in Bedrock Edition:

  • Click Create New
  • Then select Create New World
  • Open the advanced options menu
  • Enter the seeds
  • Choose other options that are important to your world
  • Click Create

So you pick only the best Minecraft seeds, but with an endless number of worlds, we're sure there are even cooler ones waiting to be discovered, and we'll update this list as they become available. In the meantime, there's plenty to explore, but to find something new around every corner, arm yourself with some of our favorite Minecraft skins, sharpen your axe, and maybe even install one of the best shaders. Minecraft to see your new world. A whole new light.

Additional contribution by Gina Lees.

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