‘Woman, Life, Freedom: Hear A New Electronic Compilation From 12 Iranian Female Producers

‘Woman, Life, Freedom: Hear A New Electronic Compilation From 12 Iranian Female Producers

Iran's uprising against the country's oppressive regime since last fall has become a silver bullet for the music of Iranian artists to be seen and heard by global audiences.

Two of these artists, producers AIDA and Nessa Azadikhah, combined Woman, Life, Freedom , a 12-song collection of original electronic music by Iranian female artists, which was released Friday, January 20 through Apranik Records. In 2022, in response. protest action confirmed.

"Women, life, freedom" is the slogan of this movement, which started on September 16 after the assassination of 22-year-old Iranian Mahsa Amini by the deputy of the country's police. The global shock caused by the protests has spread to all forms of art, with music perhaps at the forefront.

The punishment of the people of the Islamic Republic of Iran through imprisonment, sentencing and execution, including famous figures such as rapper Tumaj Salehi , inspired artists to create. Featuring TK SarrSew , MENTRIX and Iran Sharona Lico, as well as AIDA and Azadikhah, Woman, Life, Freedom offers styles that range from Electro and Break to Techno, Ambient and Experimental. The songs are bold and uncompromising, with subject matter and inspiration completely related to the current situation in Iran.

AIDA and Azadikhah represent the lower end of the population spectrum in Iran. AIDA is an Iranian manufacturer based abroad. His international orientation and deep roots in his native country are reflected in his music. Equally adept at playing traditional Iranian instruments, Azadikha lives in the capital, Tehran, and creates within the confines of a regime that believes in silencing women, especially when it comes to singing.

"The theme of this collection is strength, challenge and brutality and can be heard on all tracks," said AIDA and Azadikhah in a statement. "This is the energy that continues to push Iranian women to freedom. We dream of a future where women and girls can practice, grow, and excel in the open and safe arts, especially electronic music.

Proceeds from the non-profit collection will be donated to a charity aimed at helping women in need in Iran. The first organization based in Iran specifically helps women and children recover from domestic violence, drug abuse, homelessness and social hardship.

Listen to and buy Woman, Life, Freedom on Bandcamp.

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