Android 14 Will Be Great For E INK Android Tablets

Android 14 Will Be Great For E INK Android Tablets

Android is the most popular operating system for electronic notes or note-taking devices. Used by Bigme, Onyx Boox, Boyue, Dasung and many more. All these brands have enabled Google Play to download millions of paid and free apps. Most of them are running Android 11 or Android 12 and missed Android 13. However, the upcoming Android 14 will likely affect everyone when it releases later this year.

Why would they use Android 14? With this upcoming release, Google is prioritizing tablet experience. The drive to optimize for larger screens started with Android 12L and then got even better with Android 13, and it looks like Android 14 will be the same. The company is currently reviewing some of its progress and reporting back to developers. best practices and new classes that make it easier to create for different form factors.

Google says it has updated its large screen app quality charts, which give developers an easy way to measure how well their products perform on different devices. There are also new design patterns for different types of apps that should encourage developers to create responsive designs and apps that make the most of available screen real estate.

Google is improving the accessibility of the system. Android 14 allows you to scale text up to 200% instead of the previous maximum of 130%. To avoid design issues caused by this setting, Google is also introducing a non-linear font scaling curve. This will prevent text that is already large enough from becoming larger than necessary.

Battery life is always an issue for E INK devices running Android. They have to collect large batteries to handle all the background processes. Most Android e-readers and e-notes use Qualcomm or Mediatek processors, which already have solid battery management. Google is making changes in Android 14, Google simplifies background processes so it consumes less battery.

I think most E INK brands that use e-paper displays and run Android will probably update to Android 14 when it's ready. Tablet support and higher DPI will be a game changer.

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